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Sunday Brunch: A loss in Minny, Boikov is out and Phil Kessel rules

NHL: Preseason-Dallas Stars at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Avalanche

There’s nothing uglier than preseason hockey. The AValanche and Minnesota Wild proved it last night. We sat through the whole game so you didn’t have to. Here is a recap of the game that saw the Avs powerplay go 0-8.

As the Avs try to widdle their group of defenders down to 7 for opening night, one guy that won’t be in the lineup is Sergei Boikov. The 21-year old that played last year with the San Antonio Rampage separated his shoulder Thursday night against the Dallas Stars. There is no timetable for his return, but this seems like it will be a big setback for Boikov’s season.

Later this season, the Avs will be traveling to Sweden to play a two-game series with the Ottawa Senators. Fans have a chance to win a trip to Stockholm to be in attendance to cheer on Landy and the boys.

Around the Hockey World

This past week, the NHL took their first steps into establishing a fan base in China. The LA Kings swept both games against the Canucks in Bejing, but more importantly than the result of the games, it’s important that the NHL continues to build in the emerging market.

Building on the controversy over Toronto’s handling of the Joffrey Lupul injury, the league has announced that Marian Hossa will also undergo an independent medical evaluation in order to determine whether he is LTIR eligible. The results will have significant ramifications on the Chicago Blackhawks and their salary cap situation.

It’s the time of year when roster pictures start to come out and we already know that Phil Kessel’s won’t be beaten. Not all heros wear capes.