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Morning Flurries: Avalanche streak for eight, Coyotes lose again

The Avalanche are on a fast track to the postseason, while other teams are falling

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the Colorado Avalanche finished the entire year with 48 points.

At this point in the year, with their win over the San Jose Sharks on Thursday night, they already boast 53 points; they’re not only passing their record from last year, they’re set to smash it by a mile.

It’s now eight straight games that the Avalanche have won, putting them at a 25-16-3 record through the midway point in January.

There’s still the long haul in the season left, but they’re looking like true contenders - and while they shouldn’t do much to change how they approach the postseason in a year expected to be development-heavy, it’s excellent news.

Take a look at how they played on Thursday night, when Jonathan Bernier continued his elite streak. [Mile High Hockey]

Speaking of the postseason, it’s time for some more post-postseason talk!

That’s right: more draft profiles for you and yours, as we take a look at Brady Tkachuk. [MHH]

Oh, and since we’re talking about being on a roll right now:

Two hat tricks in six games for Patrice Bergeron with his three goals on Thursday, although his first hat trick was technically a Joe Thornton meat trick.

It’s also another three-point night for Brad Marchand, who’s up to 46 points in 36 games this year. With a chunk of missed time early on, he likely won’t compete for the Art Ross this year; he’s still 15 points behind Nikita Kucherov, and there’s little reason to believe he can make up that lost ground.

Still, the pesky left winger is on an absolute tear - and bringing attention to the Bruins just in time for all the honors being given to Willie O’Ree.

Although, really, why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame? [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Speaking of Hall of Fame, let’s petition to get this goalie in. He’s a 14-year-old amputee who got a chance to take some pucks with the Ottawa 67’s recently. [Ottawa Citizen]

Now, for the teams that just can’t get it together:

The Arizona Coyotes started off their year losing 11 straight, and then went on another six-game losing stint right around the start of December. Now, they’re slowly amassing points - but one at a time, which isn’t quite how you’re supposed to do it.

It’s been five OT or shootout games in their last six, and they haven’t exactly been going in the team’s favor. That includes tonight. [On The Forecheck]

Another Pacific Division club is in free-fall, as well:

Five dropped for the Los Angeles Kings.

Finally, something fun, since I ruined some of your mornings yesterday with somber talk of USA Gymnastics (sorry!)

As some of you may know, I ran the Rock and Roll 5k this past Saturday, then went home, downed half a pizza, went to sleep, and woke up to run the Rock and Roll 12 Marathon on Sunday.

Here’s my medals! Woo!

I finished in the top 150 in the 5k, then absolutely tanked my long race and spent roughly the next 72 hours whining to anyone who would listen that my legs were dead and it was BRUTAL I TELL YOU JUST BRUTAL running two races in one weekend.

So since I’m a huge whiner, my friend was kind enough to pass along this story. Enjoy reading about 66-year-old Robert Owens, the senior citizen who is about to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.

He’s starting with a marathon in Antarctica (I know, wtf), then hopping on a charter plane with a bunch of other crazies and sleeping on the way to his next race.

The next time you want to tell your kids you’re too old to do literally anything, think about Robert Owens - or the 73-year-old who’s apparently also doing this with him.

I KNOW. [Duluth News Tribune]