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Morning Flurries: Brad Marchand, Jonathan Quick suspended*

Brad Marchand will serve time from the DOPS, while Jonathan Quick will sit out for declining the ASG

NHL: Boston Bruins at New York Islanders Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand has had the book thrown at him.

The undersized, antagonistic winger has, statistically, been one of the most dominant players in the NHL since he hit the league. He’s been a perennial 20-goal scorer and premier penalty killer - and during the past two years, he’s been one of the league’s biggest offensive threats, to boot.

He’s also been a prime-grade shitheel, and it’s finally gotten him in some serious trouble.

Marchand found himself cracking the top 15 in league scoring on Tuesday night, hitting 51 points in his 38th game of the year. He sits nearly 10 games back on the rest of the players in the Top 20, and was the fastest-scoring player in terms of points per game when he wrapped up the contest against the New Jersey Devils.

An errant elbow thrown at Devils center Marcus Johansson was determined not to be an accident, though, and it’s believed that Johansson is experiencing concussion symptoms from the incident.

So now, Marchand’s Hart-paced season will see him miss yet another five games, this time for suspension. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

He isn’t the only person who will be sitting some games out soon, though. Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings has turned down the league’s invitation to the All Star Game this weekend - so in return, he’ll sit the first game after the festivities this upcoming week:

In Avalanche news, should the team be shopping Tyson Barrie around? [Mile High Hockey]

Now, you tell me: is this goaltender interference?

Finally, it’s my birthday today, so I’m wrapping this up here.

I hope you all have an amazing Thursday, and I’ll catch back up with you all this weekend. Peace out, cub scouts!