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Morning Flurries: Erik Johnson, overtime hero and Nicole Hensley at the Olympics

The Avalanche take home an overtime win, while Team USA has a Colorado native backstopping them in net

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

What’s sweeter than a win?

The Colorado Avalanche may still be without Tyson Barrie, but the rebounding club isn’t letting that stop them from finding ways to win - even against one of the league’s hottest goaltenders.

The Avalanche managed to take home two points in an overtime win on Tuesday night, with Erik Johnson netting the game-winner to keep everyone in high spirits.

It’s tough to tell just how much more winning the team will do; they just lost Semyon Varlamov to an injury in-game, and there’s no guarantee he won’t be out for a while. But for now, a win is a win - and with just five points to go to hit last year’s full-season total (and two games to go before their season even hits the halfway point), it’s hard to be too upset about how things are going. [Mile High Hockey]

In slightly more minor news, AJ Greer just got the recall from the team. While he’s still got some developing to do, it’s hard to be too upset at seeing him back up with the NHL club. [MHH]

Looking at the international scale, stick taps to Nicole Hensley. The Colorado native is one of the three goaltenders selected to head to Pyeongchang this winter for the US Women’s National Team, where they’ll look to win gold for the first time since 1998. [MHH]

Can you predict the future? Looks like someone can:

Subban went on to win the game 3-0 against the Nashville Predators, helping the Golden Knights advance to a ridiculously stupid 27-9-2 on the season.

I’m still not 100% sure how this happened. Ride the wave, baby.

Speaking of, they just won their eighth straight game, to boot. Want to read more about how that happened? Check it out. [Knights on Ice]

Finally, some World Juniors updates:

Time for Finland to Czech themselves: they just got eliminated by the Czech Republic, just two years after taking home gold. [Habs Eye On The Prize]

We here at Mile High Hockey do not condone head injuries.

That being said, Max Jones - owner of 65 PIM in 33 OHL games last year, his own HockeyFights page (as a first round draft pick!) before even going pro, and boast both a 12-game and 10-game suspension in the last three seasons alone - had to have tilted the cosmic karmic needle somewhere along the line to put himself in the path of this, right?

Finally, we need a quick discussion on why people don’t seem to get jokes on the internet.

Occasionally, people get harassed for not getting ‘jokes’ that, in actuality, are super not funny and have this crazy alternate name called ‘doxxing’.

But then, there’s just fun parody humor - usually done by actors of some high profile or prestige - and people seem to lack the ability to tell when Will Ferrell is on their screen.

And I find that really weird.

Anyway, check out this Vanity Fair piece full of upset comments from people who didn’t realize that Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon weren’t actually hosts at the Rose Parade. People are weird. [Vanity Fair]