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Morning Flurries: Colorado Back on Track

The Avalanche bounce back from Tuesday’s loss in game against Sabres

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So the Buffalo Sabres... still having some trouble, eh?

The Avalanche went on the road to face one of the league’s longest-suffering teams on Wednesday night, skating out at First Niagara Center against the Buffalo Sabres to give Carter Hutton a nice wake-up call.

The Avalanche saw two goals from Nathan MacKinnon (he’s back!) to go with four more depth scoring tallies, defeating Buffalo on the road by a decisive 6-1 final score to move to a 3-1-0 record.

The Avs still bled shots, but managed to get it done — and by a sound margin — against a team that entered the game with the same record as Colorado. Not a bad Thursday night. [Mile High Hockey]

Is this good?

By the way: if you’re curious who’s doing well (and who staff writer Hardev Lad has an unfair bias against), here are some early-season power rankings compiled after the first week of games.

Your Western Conference power rankings: [MHH]

And your Eastern Conference power rankings: [Raw Charge]

Speaking of power rankings, I’ve been told that I’m obligated to share some stuff on Auston Matthews.

The Scottsdale native has scored nine goals in five games so far this season — meaning that even if he cuts his scoring pace in half now, he could still feasibly hit the elusive 50 goals in 50 games that people have been dying to see again. [ESPN]

In Boston, though, it looks like the line of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and David Pastrnak is still doing stupidly good things:

Pastrnak currently sits third on his line — and on the Bruins — in scoring, boasting four goals and six points in four games. Marchand, who scored his first goal of the season on Thursday, sits tied with Bergeron at eight points apiece, good for a cool 164-point pace. Very sustainable!

Of course, not to hone in on Toronto too much, but...

A little farther south from Toronto and Boston, it looks like the hands-on ownership decisions being made by the new Head Boss In Charge for the Carolina Hurricanes could actually be paying off. [Canes Country]

Of course, it could just be that other teams are falling apart at the seams.

For example - Vegas? Not doing so hot. But here’s why the team should still focus on how they did last year. [HockeyBuzz]

The Pittsburgh Penguins lost starting goaltender Matt Murray to a concussion within the first week of play — and although he’s still ruled out, the team had him practicing on the ice today. [Pensburgh]

Finally, three cheers to anyone who celebrated National Coming Out Day yesterday.

There are too many ‘National *insert niche thing to celebrate* Day” events, and I get it. But for anyone struggling to let their families know who they love, having a day to celebrate the bravery and comraderie of anyone else who’s done so can be incredibly therapeutic.

As I mentioned on social media yesterday, it’s nearly the two-year anniversary of the day my younger brother came out to our family and the world in the wake of some pretty hurtful things said to a friend following the victory of a certain orange-tinted leader in the 2016 election. My brother’s decision to show support for his friend in that by coming out himself reminded me that it’s not all bad out there — and that the first two people to use the heart reaction on his Facebook status when he did so were our parents.

Be kind, be good to yourself, and love who you love.