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Morning Flurries: Bruins fall flat, Allen’s continuing concerns

NHL: Boston Bruins at Calgary Flames Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche may have dropped a disappointing game against the New York Rangers earlier this week, but they’ve certainly managed to do better than a handful of teams around the league — namely in the sense that they have yet to legitimately embarrass themselves this year.

The Arizona Coyotes, for starters, have scored just three goals in five games — and not one of them has come at even strength. Their two power-play tallies were neat to watch and their short-handed goal was a beauty, but they’re seemingly on a mission to prove that even with excellent goaltending, a team can fall flat purely by virtue of not scoring a single goal.

Then there’s the Boston Bruins, who absolutely fell apart at the seams in their rematch against the Calgary Flames post-China Trip.

Tuukka Rask had a couple of point-blank saves, and he got a little gaslit by his own team with too many absolutely absurd chances against in an ultimate 5-2 loss.

But then he did stuff like this, too:

Hard enough to lose 5-2 to a team with a goaltender who’s been struggling to stay above an .800 save percentage this year. Harder to lose to a fanbase that does this:

In any case, they’re nothing on whatever Jake Allen is currently going through.

Allen was the hero of the postseason in his final year on a tandem with Brian Elliott for the St. Louis Blues. And since then, he’s been an up-and-down train wreck, barely staying afloat for the Central Division club this year.

His .877 save percentage in all situations comes with a generous 1-2-2 record, earning him four points of a possible ten despite falling below a .900 save percentage in three separate games so far. This may be why:

Speaking of goaltending, this is an excellent look at how the Anaheim Ducks are making life a little easier on goaltender John Gibson by limiting the types of chances he faces — but in the process, are spending too much time in their own zone and hurting their scoring chances, as well. [The Hockey Writers]

In some tough news, Brady Tkachuk is out for a month for the Ottawa Senators. That’s not what the team wanted after a surprisingly fun start to their season so far. [Ottawa Sun]

In more fun news, though, the Chicago Blackhawks got a solid interview out of their newest and definitely creepiest teammate:

Speaking of new teammates, the Anaheim Ducks have added Jake Dotchin on a new deal.

If this is a surprise to you, don’t worry — you aren’t alone. As recently as training camp, Dotchin was a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and a seemingly highly-touted young player at that.

For those who don’t remember, though, Dotchin was mysteriously axed by the team, watching his contract get terminated by the Lightning for what has been rumored to be unacceptable fitness standards at the start of camp. He’s now filed a grievance with the Lightning, but has signed a new deal in the process.

He’s on waivers for the day, because the NHL has a specific waiver re-entry process that players signing new deals in the NHL have to undergo when their old deal was terminated within the same season. That whole situation has been explained here. [Raw Charge]

Finally, for the Avalanche, here’s a fun look at what the D-pairs have managed numbers-wise in the early parts of the season:

Oh: and Sven Andrighetto is a full participant in practice again. Praise be! []