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Morning Flurries: A win, a win!

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at New Jersey Devils Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into Thursday night’s tilt between the Colorado Avalanche and the New Jersey Devils, the Avalanche badly needed to come back with a win and the Devils were riding undefeated.

By the end of the night, the tables had turned.

The Avalanche handed New Jersey their first loss of the 2018-19 season, picking up a 5-3 victory against one of the hottest teams out of the gate.

It was a decent night for Grubauer, who stopped 27 of 30 shots faced to get close to the kinds of numbers the team is hoping for. It was a much less stellar night for Keith Kinkaid, who allowed four before the Avs sealed it with an empty-netter. [Mile High Hockey]

If you’re interested in taking a look at who’s doing well where, by the way, here’s your weekly power rankings.

In the West: [MHH]

And In the East: [Raw Charge]

Speaking of the East, let’s check in briefly with the Philadelphia Flyers!

It’s like the Space Jam on ice, but more embarrassing. I don’t even know what to say.

In other news, Corey Crawford FINALLY MADE HIS RETURN IN CHICAGO! #CrOwMG [Second City Hockey]

Even if you aren’t a Blackhawks fan, this is fantastic news. Corey Crawford is excellent for the game — he’s very good, he’s awesome to watch, and he’s enhancing the overall product offered by the NHL — but more importantly, it means his nearly year-long recovery from a concussion is over.

It was a surprisingly good game for him, given that he hasn’t faced an NHL opponent since the middle of December 2017:

He did lose, though, and in a way that if you weren’t watching the game would give you some serious concern.

That’s right: he stood in net while the Arizona Coyotes surpassed the two-goal mark in a single regulation game this season, scoring their first even-strength goal of the year and winning 4-1 against Crawford and the rest of Chicago. That’s... not great, Bob!

Meanwhile, in things that aren’t great, Jonathan Quick also made his return, although in spectacularly poor fashion in his case. His six goals allowed against a tired Islanders team earned him a yank in favor of surprisingly resilient backup Jack Campbell, who tried to staunch the bleeding but allowed a goal on his first shot faced, to boot. [LA Kings Insider]

It’s a late night for me, since I covered the Crawford return and did a scavenger hunt 5k with my daughter this evening, so I’ll end on an awesome note. Congrats to Sarah Nurse, cousin of Edmonton Oilers absolute unit Darnell Nurse, on her first pro hockey goal!

(In case you were wondering, yes: their entire family is disgustingly talented. Darnell is the brother of Kia, a 2x NCAA National Champion at UConn, Kia was a first round pick by the New York Liberty in the 2018 WNBA draft and plays for Team Canada at the national level; their dad is a former CFL receiver, and oh yeah - they’re also related by marriage to Donovan McNabb. That’s a family thanksgiving football game you’ll want to join in on at your own risk.)