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Morning Flurries: Nova Scotian hockey goodness

Boston Bruins v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

This may very well be Nathan MacKinnon’s year — but even if it’s not, damn is it ever a good time to be a hockey player from Nova Scotia.

Tuesday night was an absolute slaughtering at the hands of two of the league’s other premier Nova Scotian forwards, who made other teams look utterly silly with their silky soft hands and impressive vision.

First, we had Brad Marchand, who broke a few ankles to help get David Pastrnak to a four-point night:

These are the thoughts I needed:

Then, of course, there was Sid the Kid.

It’s been a week of overhype and stupid arguments leading up to the Sidney Crosby - Connor McDavid matchup, with everyone in Edmonton working themselves into a lather over the elite player they’re wasting and everyone in Pittsburgh crying that, inexplicably, they still think that Sidney Crosby isn’t getting enough attention.

Crosby himself weighed in quietly, calling McDavid the best player in the NHL.

Then, of course, doing this:

The underrated part of this is that Connor McDavid is on the ice for this goal. Just absolute stupidity all around.

Neither Crosby or Marchand are currently sitting in the league’s top 10 in scoring, largely because neither has had much luck in the goal-scoring area so far this year. But with six points in seven games for Crosby and 13 points in 9 games for Marchand, expect them to start contending for those top spots soon enough.

Of course, the guy currently tied for fourth in scoring is the other Nova Scotian legend, none other than MacKinnon himself. He’s got 15 points in nine games, eight of which are goals.

Add in that Landeskog also has eight goals and Mikko Rantanen has 16 points, and it’s been a stupid good year so far for Colorado’s top line. [TSN]

Speaking of those guys, The Athletic made a list of the league’s top 100 players under the age of 25. Three of those are Avalanche skaters, and that’s pretty darned good. [MHH]

In old Avalanche player news:

Awesome stuff, eh?

Finally, a story you should all read:

There’s a lot about this story that’s hard to swallow, but one of the comments on the piece is a huge reminder that society still has a ways to go.

A commenter on the article tries to justify racial slurs being yelled at Peter Worrell during a playoff game in his major junior career because he was a “polarizing player” who racked up penalty minutes. “Just adding some context” is what they said.

That right there is the problem, though. Todd Bertuzzi nearly killed a man on the ice. Tom Wilson is currently serving a 20-game suspension for injuring yet another player with a reckless, dangerous hit. So implying that a player’s dirty style on the ice somehow contextualizes the need to yell racial slurs at them is automatically an insane argument; how you play and whether you’re dangerous has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin.

In any case, it’s an incredibly thoughtful read. And if parts of it make you uncomfortable, think about why.