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Morning Flurries: Goals Everywhere; including a beauty from Tyler Weiss

The Colorado Avalanche miss out on a goal scoring frenzy with Sunday off

NHL: New York Rangers at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche were one of the lucky teams that didn’t have to compete with NFL Sunday this week.

While they sat largely idle, though, four of the six teams that did have to play decided that their best chance at drawing eyeballs was to... well, pretend they were playing football.

There were a collective 13 goals scored by the two teams in each of the first two games played on Sunday, with the Carolina Hurricanes taking home an 8-5 win and the Toronto Maple Leafs ousting Cam Ward with a 7-6 overtime decision.

Yes, it is something about Carolina, probably.

The Hurricanes managed to make their way into the New York Times thanks to the absolutely abysmal defensive effort their opponents, the New York Rangers, have been making so far this year. The Rangers blew four leads before things ultimately flew off the rails, resulting in their third dropped game to start off the season. [NY Times]

For the real hockey recap, by the way, here’s the rundown. [Canes Country]

It was an embarrassing showing for the Rangers, but the Hurricanes may have just been motivated by the opportunity to show off their new home win celebration — which is exactly what the NHL has been needing for years:

You can tell me you think that’s annoying or nontraditional and tacky or whatever, and that’s cool. We all have bad opinions sometimes, and I guess you have the right for your bad opinion to be about this.

Moving on, the Cam Ward disaster for the Chicago Blackhawks was highlighted by the fact that he had a fellow struggling netminder across the ice in Garret Sparks, who allowed six goals in his season debut a full two years after his last game in the league.

Both Sparks and Ward had some serious issues with consistency, but the game really flew off the rails in the final minute or so. Just take a look at this give-and-take set of goal celebrations from Auston Matthews and Patrick Kane:

Will both teams need to stop gaslighting their goaltenders with shitty defense? Sure. Was it fun for the fans tonight? Of course.

The final game was significantly less exciting, as the Los Angeles Kings took home a 4-2 win over the very, very bad Detroit Red Wings.

Still, it was a chance to see Ilya Kovalchuk back in the NHL again, for real this time:

For the Avalanche, some good news as Vladislav Kamenev was brought up from the Colorado Eagles to provide an extra body on the team’s upcoming road trip.

For some fun, here’s a video of Ian Cole having a blast getting mic’ed up:

And finally, the Avalanche’s AHL affiliate has been struggling with discipline. Here’s a look at why they need to fix that. [Mile High Hockey]

Finally, there’s Tyler Weiss. The kid looks like he’s 12-years old, but yesterday in his NCAA debut (it was preseason, but still) Weiss scored a beauty of a goal that shows why Avs fans should be excited about the fourth round pick: