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Morning Flurries: Some things are just too good to ignore

CFL playoff time!

Sometimes real life gets in the way of hockey blogging. There are usually a couple mornings a week where the MHH team has simply been to busy to get a Flurries post out. Work, family, outside commitments, things just get in the way.

This was going to be one of those mornings.

Cat was in the press box watching one of the most exciting teams in the NHL last night in Arizona. Hardev has been trying to cover the Marlies, work for an OHL team and get his degree in physics (stay in school kids). And I’ve been dealing with a sick 2-year old.

But last last night something crossed my timeline that simply couldn’t be ignored (and with the kid sleeping, I finally have half hour to sit down at my computer before I pass out again).

Jon Gott, an offensive lineman in the CFL that played college football at Boise State made himself famous last night.

For context, Gott plays for the Ottawa REDBLACKS (yes the team spells their name in all caps). The REDBLACKS have clinched first place in the CFL’s Eastern Division - and a first round bye - so they came into this final weekend of the regular season without a lot to play for. They beat the last place Toronto Argonauts 24-9.

With Gott going full Stone Cold Steve Austin, it’s obvious that the team was just out there to have a lot of fun.

I know you’re wondering what it kind of beer that was flowing through Gott’s luscious beard. It was a tall can or Mill Street Organic - a medium bodied German-style organic lager with 4.2% alcohol that is brewed by a young company named after a street in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.

It’s pretty good. If you’re ever up here in Canada I suggest you give it a try.

Oh yeah and the Avs played last night and while the result was disappointing, at least it was an incredibly fun game to watch. In case you missed it, here’s the recap.