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NYE Flurries: Send us your 2019 resolutions

What do you wish the new year will bring for the Colorado Avalanche?

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost the end of 2018, folks.

This year, we’ve seen it all. We saw the newest NHL team go from the worst odds in the league to the Stanley Cup Final. We saw the return of the Hamburglar when the Colorado Avalanche most needed him. We saw an almost-Hart Trophy and some incredible steps forward in the system, some goaltending shuffling, and plenty of personal and professional triumph league-wide.

Now, it’s time for the New Year.

2019 is going to be big. The league will kick off the year with another Blackhawks Outdoor Classic, but they’ve been in the basement all season — so maybe when we hear our 2020 outdoor game announcements we’re going to get some new faces in the fold. We’ve got two Avs at the top of the league in scoring, so maybe we’ll see an all-too-familiar face at the awards ceremony. Semyon Varlamov’s current contract will expire on July 1st, so maybe we’ll see a new name in net come next October.

We want to know, though: what do you want to see?

Maybe you have some resolutions in your personal life. Maybe you have some hopeful resolutions you want to see from the team. Maybe you have some suggestions for resolutions for us here at MHH (like getting your morning links more consistently).

Let us know in the comments: what are the New Year’s Resolutions you think should come up in 2019? We’ll share the best in the new year, and we’ll work to document them as they hopefully happen.

Stay safe tonight! Don’t get too wild - and we’ll see you next year.