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Morning Flurries: The Rampage, the Olympics, and Shane Bowers

A look at some fun stuff about the Colorado Avalanche and international hockey, with an update on St. John’s basketball

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s game day!

The Avalanche fell apart in their last game - but on the bright side, they haven’t fallen apart to the point where their starting goaltender is accusing his teammates of not being worthy of NHL playing time (yes, we see you, Vancouver Canucks).

Joking aside, it was a tough loss on Thursday, but ultimately one that the team has every ability to come back from.

Remember: the Avalanche may make the playoffs, but they also may not. What really matters this year, as it should every year, is that the team has fun.

Looking ahead, we might as well consider the draft - and with that, here’s a look at Ryan McLeod, who could be in a prime spot to fall to Colorado when the first round rolls along in June. [Mile High Hockey]

For now, here’s an update on how San Antonio has been doing. Things haven’t been amazing - but then again, half of Colorado’s roster has been injured this year, so there’s been quite the revolving door in San Antonio. [MHH]

I’d also like to make sure that everyone is aware that Shane Bowers has been having himself a season, and was the headliner for our prospect report this week. [MHH]

Anyways, the Olympics have started!

If you’re looking for the times and broadcasts for the Men’s Olympic Hockey tournament, you can check this out right here. [MHH]

Oh, and if you want the more competitive tournament the women’s game, here’s all your times and broadcasts as well. [Raw Charge]

Which, speaking of, is this the year that Team USA finally takes home their second gold medal at the Olympics? A look at what the squad can do, fresh off their fight with USA hockey for just compensation. [The Ice Garden]

And here’s a preview of everything Olympics for Saturday, in case you’ve got a couch and nothing on your schedule:

Back in North America, you should check out the new foundation started up in honor of all Craig Cunningham has been through in the last year:

Finally, it appears based on the last Flurries that some of you don’t fully understand that 1) the Flurries are nothing more than a morning digest of fun stories from around the internet, both on the Avalanche and on sports at large, and 2) since I do them every damn day, I occasionally run out of new content to put in, so I try to keep it fresh with some enlightening stories you may not have found otherwise.

As I have said before, I always welcome story submissions - both here and on my Twitter account - and ideas, but so far no one has come to me with any. So since it appears there is no additional content you’d like to see shared, I’m going to fill the bottom space with more talk of St. John’s basketball.

It came to my attention this week that Metta World Peace is on the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother, so apparently he isn’t aware that St. John’s just pulled off arguably the season’s biggest upset.

According to ESPN Stats, the BPI simulator was run 10,000 times - and exactly once, St. John’s won every game moving forward after their upsets of Duke and Villanova, then lost the Big East Championship.

In that simulation, though, St. John’s made the NCAA tournament. So there’s a chance. After all, that’s a .2 percent chance of making the tournament, but they had previously been given just a .3 percent chance of beating both Duke and Villanova. So really, you never know. You know?