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Morning Flurries: The Mitch Marner debate

Looking at if Mitch Marner for Tyson Barrie would work, Patriots lose, and a suspension

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Bell Let’s Talk day is meant to serve as a twofold movement.

One half of the movement is spreading awareness and kickstarting the conversation. Whether you open up about your own struggles or listen to others, it’s a chance to normalize the act of talking about mental health in the realm of social media.

The other half, of course, is raising money for mental health initiatives, done through Tweeting and sharing the #BellLetsTalk hashtag to get a basis for Bell Media’s total donation amount.

Some of the #BellLetsTalk tweets are about mental health, fulfilling both parts of the initiative in one fell swoop.

Others, well, raise money through the promotion of the hashtag, but use it for other purposes as well. Which brings us to this:

The people delivered, so Mile High Hockey did as well. Read it and give your angry comments. [Mile High Hockey]

For those wondering, by the way, the rematch from last year’s NCAA championship - the season series between the Denver Pioneers and Minnesota Duluth - has wrapped up, and the Pioneers came out on top. Check out more about their sweep of last year’s runner-ups. [MHH]

Could an attitude adjustment be what’s helping the Avs get back to winning this year? [NHL on NBC]

The Nashville Predators are getting back their old captain, as it appears that veteran Mike Fisher is getting antsy in retirement. While he’s heading onto the roster, though, it looks like the team is losing fellow forward Filip Forsberg for a few games for a hit on New York’s Jimmy Vesey (a name Nashville fans are all too familiar with). []

Now, in some VERY important sports news:

New mom Caroline Ouellette is already one of the most iconic hockey players in Canadian history. She boasts four Olympic golds, six World Championship golds (and six World Championship silvers), and two Clarkson Cups.

Oh - and now she also boasts the distinction as the CWHL’s all-time leading scorer, pulling off the feat in her first season back after welcoming Liv Chu-Ouellette into the world this offseason. [Habs Eye On The Prize]

Still no word on whether Liv will become a Canadian star like Ouellette or an American icon like mom Julie Chu, but she’s already got a sicker twig than most of us, so she’s bound to smoke us on the ice sooner rather than later:

I also regret to inform you all that the New England Patriots lost on Sunday night, failing to pull off another back-to-back.

Since they’re seemingly on this kick of only winning in odd years, though, that’s okay. The 2019 Patriots Super Bowl championship is only another year’s worth of sleeps away.

Along those lines:

And so we have it.

I would offer up some more interesting links for your perusal, but I’m on a strict social media ban until tomorrow night, so this is all I’ve got. I hope it tides you over.