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Morning Flurries: McHat Trick and trade deadline talk

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

So far, Connor McDavid has played in exactly six games against the Colorado Avalanche.

In those six games, he’s managed to put up 10 points, and he’s still less than 200 games into his NHL career.

While that’s normally a cause for alarm for NHL clubs, it’s worth noting that the Avalanche haven’t even been McDavid’s most ruthless victims. The 21-year-old center has seven points in just three games against the Boston Bruins so far, and he’s racked up double digits in points against four different teams so far - including 15 against the Calgary Flames in 10 games. The only club that had managed to hold him without a point before Monday night was the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Of course, then Monday happened.

Four goals in a comically dominant win over Tampa Bay for Connor McDavid, who led his team to a 6-2 final decision in the process.

A reminder: this kid is on a team that’s all but guaranteed a top five draft pick again this year:

Speaking of draft picks: the Avalanche are looking like they’ll be out of the lottery running, or at least very close to it.

With the playoffs fast approaching, the Avalanche may look to add a low-cost boost to their roster at the trade deadline. Could Michael Grabner be one of the players they’re looking at? [Mile High Hockey]

It also looks like we’re up to 52 comments and counting on the Mitch Marner for Tyson Barrie swap, which is always fun. Debate away, friends. [MHH]

Oh, and the Rangers have made this decision:

Nash has just 15 goals and 25 points this year in 52 games, a sign that those 40-goal seasons really are past him.

He’s considered over the hill for his particular skill set, compared to how he played once upon a time. Of course, compared to the rest of the league, he’s still a 20- plus goal scorer, and those are fun to be tempted by.

Make of that what you will.

Also, while we’re talking potential end-of-year stuff, do the numbers really favor Victor Hedman this year for the Norris Trophy? [ESPN]

Finally, we’ll end on a particularly weird note, discussing the fans of all Philadelphia sports teams and what they choose to do with their lives - which is, at best, incredibly questionable things.

They’ve thrown batteries at Santa Clause. They’ve gotten into brawls in their arenas (I may or may not have seen this before) and they’ve climbed light poles in celebration of winning. In 2010, some dude intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl during a Phillies game; they’ve assaulted mascots and burned jerseys and one time even threw bracelets (supporting the late owner of the Flyers and a beloved Philly icon) onto the ice during a playoff game in protest.

This year, they added to their laundry list of classy showings when they lobbed full beer cans at visiting fans during a playoff game, and now they’ve basically destroyed their own city - and themselves - whilst celebrating a Super Bowl victory.

I keep hearing about how Chicago is an absolute dump of a city, but they managed not to burn their homes to the ground after winning the World Series last year. To counter that, I give you this weirdness. [Vice]

There’s a rumor that some dude actually ate horse feces to celebrate the win. I really don’t get people.