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Where and when to watch the Olympic Men’s Hockey Tournament


On Wednesday February 14, the puck will drop for the opening games of the 2018 Olympic men’s hockey tournament, as Slovakia takes on (Not)Russia and the USA takes faces off against Slovenia. We may not be getting NHLers this time around, but that is likely to make for a much more compelling tournament. Though (Not)Russia is the presumed favorite, the field for this tournament is far more wide open that we have see over the past few Olympic games.

The Tournament

The tournament consists of three groups with four teams each. Each team will compete in three preliminary round games (one against every other team in their group) before advancing to a four-round single elimination portion of the tournament. The round-robin is used to determine seeding for the one-and-done elimination round.

All 12 teams will advance past the group stage, with the winner of each group, along with the highest ranking runner-up, getting a first-round bye in the elimination stage.


Group A: Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Korea

Group B: Olympic athletes of Russia, USA, Slovakia, Slovenia

Group C: Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway

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How to watch

For hockey fans in the US, games will be seen across various NBC networks, including NBC NBCSN and USA Network. All games can be streamed live on as well as on demand on the NBC Sports App.

In Canada, the games will be broadcast on CBC as well as the TSN and Sportsnet channels. It can also be found live at

2018 Olympic Men’s Hockey Schedule

Date Time Matchup Group
Date Time Matchup Group
Wednesday, Feb. 14 7:10 a.m. Russia-Slovakia B
7:10 a.m. USA-Slovenia B
10:10 p.m. Finland-Germany C
Thursday, Feb. 15 2:40 a.m. Sweden-Norway C
7:10 a.m. Czech Republic-South Korea A
7:10 a.m. Canada-Switzerland A
10:10 p.m. USA-Slovakia B
Friday, Feb. 16 2:40 a.m. Russia-Slovenia B
7:10 a.m. Finland-Norway C
7:10 a.m. Sweden-Germany C
10:10 p.m. Canada-Czech Republic A
Saturday, Feb. 17 2:40 a.m. Switzerland-South Korea A
7:10 a.m. USA-Russia B
7:10 a.m. Slovakia-Slovenia B
10:10 p.m. Germany-Norway C
Sunday, Feb. 18 2:40 a.m. Czech Republic-Switzerland A
7:10 a.m. Canada-South Korea A
7:10 a.m. Sweden-Finland C
Monday, Feb. 19 10:10 p.m. TBD-TBD Playoff
Tuesday, Feb. 20 2:40 a.m. TBD-TBD Playoff
7:10 a.m. TBD-TBD Playoff
7:10 a.m. TBD-TBD Playoff
10:10 p.m. TBD-TBD Quarterfinal
Wednesday, Feb. 21 2:40 a.m. TBD-TBD Quarterfinal
7:10 a.m. TBD-TBD Quarterfinal
7:10 a.m. TBD-TBD Quarterfinal
Friday, Feb. 23 2:40 a.m. TBD-TBD Semifinal
7:10 a.m. TBD-TBD Semifinal
Saturday, Feb. 24 7:10 a.m. TBD-TBD Bronze Medal
11:10 p.m. TBD-TBD Gold Medal

The Women’s Tournament

Our friends over at Pension Plan Puppets have a great breakdown of the women’s tournament here.