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Playoff Flurries: Quick hits and a Vegas sweep

Vegas is on to the next round, and the Sharks aren’t far behind

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Vegas Golden Knights v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The best - and worst - part of playoff hockey, as a member of the media, is that there’s always something new going on.

The offseason can be hell for an analyst or writer, when there’s nothing new to draw from for months on end. Having so many games - with such rich game play, to boot - to draw from during the playoffs is, simply put, a godsend.

It also means, though, that deadlines sometimes throw you into a tailspin.

My weekly column for another site was nearly finished when it became apparent that the Vegas Golden Knights were set to sweep the Los Angeles Kings, and all of a sudden by lede was a b-list topic. Out went my intro, and in went another ten paragraphs at the top to adapt to the new numbers, new games, and new analysis.

With that in mind, I’m going to keep this pretty quick - but hopefully, there’s enough to tide you over until the game tonight!

To start, here’s the best tweet of the year:

Started from the surprise taxi cab after a game, now we here. Or something.

Someone also rightfully pointed out that Anze Kopitar insisted that his team could not win playoff games scoring just one goal a night.

With three goals scored over four games - one which went into double overtime with just five minutes to spare - that’s actually just .66 goals against Fleury on average, which is #bad.

As Pete Blackburn pointed out: You know you sucked when your supposed criticism of the team is actually overvaluing how you actually played.

In OHL news:

Which, by the way, catch some OHL playoff hockey if you can. It’s honestly so fun, and the goaltending is either so good or so, so very bad.

From the Avs’ own series, PK Subban had a quick comment on why he thought his hit was fine - and why he’d do it again. More, from Adam Vignan. [The Tennessean]

And on the other end of the spectrum, here’s why maybe, actually, Subban should have gotten a call from DOPS. [Mile High Hockey]

I’m willing to throw a bone to the click counters at the Denver Post just to provide a sheer sense of comedy to everyone, Avs and Preds fans alike, who are reading this Wednesday morning.

Not to drop profanity in two consecutive Flurries, but what the fresh hell is this. [The Denver Post]

For those with Athletic subscriptions, here’s an insightful look into why the Canadiens finally let go of their AHL head coach - and why it wasn’t entirely his fault things kept going so poorly. [The Athletic MTL]

Oh, and speaking of firing...

Some are suggesting Dave Tippett will reunite with former colleagues Brad Treliving and Don Maloney and take the job, although he and Maloney didn’t exactly part ways seeing eye-to-eye any longer.

Others are suggesting Bill Peters, who is still employed by Carolina - but with plenty of goaltending concerns surrounding his current club, it seems like a nuclear meltdown waiting to happen to put the guy who says “just make a damn save” coaching the guy who insisted he wants to play “with teammates who can score”. The blameless fingerpointing at the blameless with a fiery temper, what could possibly go wrong?

Anyways, enjoy the game tonight! Will be back tomorrow with a meatier Flurries.