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Colorado Avalanche select Danila Zhuravlyov with the 146th pick in the NHL Draft

The Avalanche add another two-way defender with the 146th pick

With the 146th pick of the Colorado Avalanche have selected Russian defenseman Danila Zhuravlyov from Irbis Kazan of the MHL.

Zhuravlyov was the 50th ranked European Skater in the draft.

Listed at 6’0, 160 lbs, he has was one of Russia’s best payers at the U18 World Championship this past year.

Zhuravlyov has very good speed and acceleration. He uses his skating to lead the breakout and push the puck up the ice, but he also uses it to make up for his lack of size on the defensive side of the puck.. Due to his lack of strength, he uses his speed and gap control to effectively shut down defenders. He’s got a good slapshot that allowed him to score 9 goals from the blueline this season.

He is another good late-round prospect for the Avs to stash over in Europe for a few years while he grows both on and off the ice.