Unrestricted free agents for the Avs to consider in 2019

There is a pretty decent crop of potential UFAs that could be available after the upcoming season, and the Avs have the cap space and the promise to make a run at one or two. In the opinion of many (myself included), the one area where the Avs are lacking and don't have a clear answer is in secondary scoring. With this in mind, here is a look at a few of the potential UFAs that would cost nothing more than a contract, assuming of course they actually hit free agency. Note that anyone over the age of 29 at the time of this post are not included, as I considered that a good cut off point.


Tyler Seguin: According to reports, the Stars and Seguin haven't been talking contract. I think it's highly unlikely that they don't get something done, but maybe they won't. If he does hit the market, it's basically Tavares the sequel. Many teams would be competing for his services, which will push the price tag higher. Nonetheless, it would be silly not to look into bringing him to Denver.

Projected cap hit: $11.00 million


Artemi Panarin: We have all heard the rumblings here, so there is no need to go into things. In reality, it doesn't seem like Colorado stands much of a chance at Panarin. However, it shouldn't stop Sakic from making a pitch. The guy is one of the elite forwards in the league, and it's rare that guys like this become available.

Projected cap hit: $10.00 million

Jeff Skinner: Maybe the Sabres finally take the next step and Skinner ends up staying. Then again, maybe they continue to suck despite a talented roster and he splits town. If the latter, then a talented goal scorer is available. This is a guy that could certainly boost secondary scoring and provide a shot in the arm for the power play units. He might end up being overpaid, but he is definitely worth looking into.

Projected cap hit: $8.00 million

Matt Duchene: Yeah I said it. Despite all that went down, Duchene is still a very good player that could play the wing or even take the 2C spot away from Jost. In the end, wouldn't it be great to look at the haul Colorado got for Duchene and then not even lose Duchene? I think it would.

Projected cap hit: $7.50 million

Max Pacioretty: Here is another guy that I think will end up being overpaid based on his age. However, it would be wrong to leave him out of the discussion. Last year aside, he's a perennial 30 goal scorer that would add some firepower to the lineup. The question will be term, as he'll be 30 at the time of his new contract (almost 31). If he bounces back this season, and the Avs can get him less than 5 years, this could be a good option.

Projected cap hit: $7.75 million

Anders Lee: This dude can find the back of the net. I find it extremely unlikely that the Isles don't lock him up, especially considering what just happened, but stranger things have happened. If contract talks stall in NY, the Avs should be reaching out to see if they can swing a trade.

Projected cap hit: $7.50 million


Mark Stone: Yup, him again. Due to Ottawa's incompetence, the dream is alive ladies and gents. I love the fit and would probably be willing to win in a bidding war for this guy.

Projected cap hit: $8.25 million

Yanni Gourde: A lot depends on how he performs this year. If he repeats last year's performance, then it's likely Tampa won't be able to hang onto him. Some may not like the idea of adding another undersized forward, but Gourde provides scoring and energy that would be a welcome addition. Plus we can all say "Oh my Gourde" when he makes a nice play.

Projected cap hit: $6.50 million

Jordan Eberle: If he plays a full season, he scores 20+ goals. Much like Lee, I don't think he hits the market, but he would certainly fill a need for the Avs if he did.

Projected cap hit: $7.50 million

Gustav Nyquist: He's not exactly the model of consistency, but he'll likely be available and would fill a need for the Avs. He has pushed close to 30 goals in the past and scored 21 last year. He may be a guy that Jost and Kerfoot benefit from in the short run, with the hope that Kaut can eventually take over the spot on the second line.

Projected cap hit: $6.50 million

So what do you all think? Are there any players that you'd love to see in an Avs jersey? Should the team go after one, two, or none of these guys? Is there anyone I missed that you'd like to see included? Hit me up in the poll and the comments. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of