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Morning Flurries: Boston’s EBUG adventure

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The Boston Bruins have signed an EBUG during their time in China and it’s the only story you need to hear about.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Forget any and all other hockey news.

Forget, I even dare say, noted Fan Favorite Accountant Scott Foster.

There’s a new emergency backup in the NHL, and it’s probably the coolest story in the whole entire world.

The Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames are currently living out their dreams in China, getting to sightsee and grow the game while playing a handful of preseason appearances for the overseas crowds.

When we get past the utter irony of the NHL withholding players from the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang less than a year ago (which would have been a pretty cool opportunity to grow the game, but maybe that’s just me!), this is a neat-o experience for all that are getting to partake.

And that, of course, now includes Boston’s most recent signee, goaltender Derek Dun.

Dun was inked to an pro tryout deal with the Bruins... yesterday? Today? It’s all very confusing, because we’re dealing with some pretty drastic time zones here.


Dun is a 24-year-old native of Surrey, BC who played with the Cowichan Valley Capitals and then the Nanaimo Clippers of the BCHL before making a handful of appearances for Northern Michigan University and then finishing up his North American career at the University of British Columbia.

He’s been playing overseas in China since last year, making six starts for the VHL’s KRS Heilongjiang - or, as you might know them, the minor league affiliate of the KHL’s Chinese expansion team Kunlun Red Star.

He’s back with Heilongjiang this year, putting up some pretty nice numbers through his first two games. For the moment, though, he’s living the dream - quite literally - and wearing the best number ever (zero bias, I swear) for the Boston Bruins.

He’s gotten to spend time skating around with Bruins goaltending coach Bob Essensa:

The rest of the team seems to be having a decent amount of fun as well:

Honestly, though, no one can possibly be having as much fun as Derek right now.

If you don’t already, go follow Matt for these wild preseason antics. He’s sharing some absolute gems from China, and it’s a lot of fun to follow along.

Anyways, yesterday was my daughter’s second birthday so while I’m back, I’m not exactly giving it my all here right now, so I’ll sign off with a call to any hopeful writers out there looking to branch beyond Colorado. If you know anyone who would be interested in writing about the Vegas Golden Knights this upcoming season, give our friends over at Knights on Ice a shout. [Knights on Ice]