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Weekend Flurries: training camp coming up

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The Avalanche are just weeks away from training camp and the season is ready to begin

San Jose Sharks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Colorado Avalanche are set to officially begin training camp on September 14th.

Most players have already made their way back to their respective NHL club locations; with a handful of exceptions that are wrapping up charity functions, vacations, and physical therapy with doctors back home, there’s little reason for players to not have arrived ahead of their training camps.

Mile High Hockey answered a few questions heading into September, when training camp will really ramp up and preseason will begin. If you missed it, check it out here.

Before things really get under way, though, here are a few housekeeping items:

Will Mile High Hockey be at training camp and preseason? We’ll be doing our best. We’ll have various writers attending preseason functions, including training camp, scrimmage games, and even some stuff for the Eagles - and we’ll have more on what we’ll be attending in the coming weeks.

When the season starts, will Mile High Hockey be represented at games? Not all of them, but as many as we can. We’re credentialed at both the NHL and AHL level for various organizations, and should have a face at both the games in Loveland and the six million games we’ll be playing in Tucson, Arizona (for reasons we still don’t fully understand).

Will the Flurries be published more frequently once the season begins? You betcha. I’ll be getting some help from some of our other writers throughout the year when I’ve got a travel schedule for work - but once there’s actually news every day, we’ll have links for you to read over your morning poop coffee every day.

How about prospects? A few will pass through Arizona when they play the Sun Devils this year, so - like last year when we got a chance to chat with the lovely Cale Makar at Oceanside Arena during the UMass road trip - we’ll chat with them when they pass through once again. Any time a prospect is going to be somewhere that we are, we’ll do our best to have someone there to chat.

In some uplifting news, check out head coach Jared Bednar’s impressive efforts raising money for the Humboldt, Saskatchewan community this past month:

The Eagles also put some smiles on faces at the UC Health Medical Center this week, bringing the Kelly Cup for patients to see up close and personal:

Also, keep this in mind and pass it on to all your friends with kiddos who want to play!

Around the league:

Do you like seeing Bruins fans get very angry? Possibly. If so, check out this very long, very good breakdown of Tuukka Rask, which evaluates how close he is to being overpaid. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Speaking of goalies, this is a super cool (if super bizarre) compilation of what weird stuff goaltenders do with their equipment during the year. I was mostly very happy this piece got written, because I’d been hearing teasers about it for months - but aside from my delight that it finally went live on a website, it’s quite good as well. [ESPN]

This isn’t hockey, but who cares? Diana Taurasi is the LeBron James of women’s basketball, don’t @ me:

This guy gets it:

Oh, and hockey has started overseas!

I could show you the goals from actual, you know, NHL prospects, but I won’t. Instead, I gift you with this wildin’ EIHL save by British national team goaltender Ben Bowns, who feels no ways at all about the fact that it’s 2018 and we don’t DO this anymore:

Finally, three cheers for college football, I guess.

I’ve never been big on college football. I went to school at one of those Catholic, non-football-playing Big East schools where basketball reigned supreme (even if our team sucked a big one for, well... they still suck. But they’re getting there!) and I really only have time to devote hours to chugging watered-down lite beer and binge eating boneless wings during March Madness.

There’s something almost theatrical about the whole college football spectacle, though, and social media has only made it even grander. Any dude who tries to say that he’s into college football, not things like drama television programming or musical theater, is just lying to himself. Tight costumes, unnecessary suspense, unbelievably bad moments of poor judgement during crucial games AND off the field (sup, Urban Meyer?). If you can’t see the resemblance between Days of Our Lives and a good Bama-Auburn game, I can’t help you.

Anyways, college football is back center stage, and the heavy drinking has already begun:

(Go ahead and make your case for that actually being water. I dare you.)

I also want the name of whoever helped the BYU mascot learn to get down like this. One of the ex-in laws is getting married this upcoming weekend and I’d very, very much like to be able to cause this kind of scene.