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Morning Flurries: Finally a fun preseason game from the Avalanche

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Colorado Avalanche grab an overtime victory in regular season tune up

NHL: Preseason-Dallas Stars at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche are finally starting to put it all together. (See? Told you there was nothing to worry about!)

The Avalanche managed to snag their second win of the preseason with an overtime victory against the Minnesota Wild, scoring their fourth goal in extra minutes to take home an imaginary two points.

Team backup Philipp Grubauer once again looked to be shaking off a bit of rust, allowing three goals on just 24 shots; with Alex Stalock turning away 25 of the 27 shots he faced prior to Andrew Hammond finishing the game for Minnesota, the game was Grubauer’s to lose.

Luckily, though, Hammond failed to keep up the same pace that Stalock had - and although we’ll always hold a spot in our hearts for the Hamburglar, it was a relief to see him ultimately drop a game to the Avalanche to help them come close to finishing off the preseason on a high note. [Mile High Hockey]

Speaking of the Hamburglar, his wife remains the best at the Twitter trolling game:

Never change, Marlee Hammond! Never change.

In more uplifting news, it’s hard not to smile at this story of an Oilers fan helping a stranger fall in love with the game. []

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking piece, by the way, this is a really insightful look at whether or not the salary cap situation in North American sports can’t be replaced with a better alternative to create more league-wide parity. [Jewels From The Crown]

In the most bizarre news of the week, the Penn State Women’s hockey program suspended nine of its players just ahead of their season opener.

The team wouldn’t specify who the players were (although that was easy enough to figure out once the game started based on who was on the active roster still) or what they did, only that the women did something that fundamentally went against the team’s core values.

I can only assume, like most people, that it’s a hazing incident. Which, as a reminder, is utterly stupid and not something you should ever do with psychological or physical harm being the end game. [The Collegian]

Making a team do a scavenger hunt tied together? Go for it. Push-up drills that involve laps if one person fails? Sure, I’ll allow it. Anything that promotes teamwork to overcome adversity, even within the confines of drinking-related adversity, doesn’t bother me much.

As someone who watched a fraternity chapter on my campus get shut down for waterboarding a pledge, though, the more extreme levels of hazing and initiation practices don’t really sit well with me. The defunct fraternity on my campus was only found out when the pledge in question ended up hospitalized for hypothermia. That’s not team-building or bond-promoting, that’s a war crime. Literally. And remember that pledge from Penn State who died when he fell down a flight of stairs? The only team-building that happened there was a massive intro course for all the fraternity’s members on collusion and tampering with evidence. I’m sure they’ll enjoy that brotherhood in prison.

Anyways. Tl,dr; don’t haze. And if this is something more serious - which it very well may be for Penn State to have suspended nearly half of their women’s program - that’s a little horrifying to consider.

Be smart, kids.

Circling back to wrap things up on a higher note - we’re all here for honesty, so kudos to Ryan Reaves for this tongue-in-cheek answer:

Finally, here’s a helicopter with wheels, proving we’re one step closer to either i, Robot or becoming the shapeless humans from Wall-E. I’m not sure which, and I’m not entirely sure I want to know, either: