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The Colorado Avalanche Need to Adopt A Puppy

A puppy just makes everything better

Dear Mr. MacKinnon, can the Avalanche please get a puppy? Please?

Service dogs-in-training are slowly taking over the NHL, and rightly so.

The St. Louis Blues and the Ottawa Senators are both helping to raise puppies that are in training to be guide dogs. And at this point, every NHL team should have one.

The puppies come to practice, home games, and are just cheerful creatures to have around. Both teams got their fans involved in naming the dogs and the puppies already have strong fanbases of their own.

Just look. Just look at this!

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While the Sens are away Rookie will play

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Reason 1: Puppies cheer players up during practice

The NHL season can be a grind. While the All-Star Break is a good time for a vacation, having a puppy around serves as a full-time stress reliever. Players can pet the dog before and after a game for good luck but also to help keep them calm during stressful matchups. Wouldn’t we all love to see some belly rubs as the players leave the ice after a win?

In addition to helping the players, the trade deadline is almost here. Life in the front office is about to get much more stressful and an office assistant/ puppy can help keep things loose during tense negotiations. Plus, no player can turn down a trade to a team that has a dog at practice.

Reason 2: It’s good for business

People like puppies. It’s as simple as that. If you tell someone that there will be a puppy at the game, they will go to the game with you.

Players and coaches aren’t the only ones who get stressed during games. When the game is tied in the third period, being able to pet a puppy while watching the Avalanche on a penalty kill will make everything 100% better. Guaranteed.

Dogs love to pick things up and play fetch. Imagine how much faster hat trick clean up would be if there was a puppy to get on the ice to collect hats. They are born to fetch things and their talents must be put to good use.

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new frens

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Reason 3: It’s for a good cause

These puppies will be trained to be service dogs for those in need. They need to be socialized and experience different environments. A hockey game is the best place for that. It will train the dogs to be around large groups of very excited people and they will practice providing a service by cheering up fans.

Many organizations are always looking for more volunteers to foster and train dogs so the Avalanche can use this opportunity to encourage their fans to support service dogs in training. The dogs can all come to a game to socialize with each other and fans. Also, fans who foster a dog could receive special benefits like Avalanche dog sweaters, and thus be more motivated to both help the dogs and support the team.

Reason 4: Dog calendars are already popular

We all love a good wall calendar, and while sites like Hot Dudes With Dogs have their own 2019 calendar, it is not too late for Avalanche players to pose shirtless with a puppy. Even better, proceeds from the sales can go towards organizations that help train and provide service dogs for those in need. Fans get an awesome wall decoration and support amazing charities at the same time.

Might I leave you with some suggestions of furry friends who might be willing to join the team?

Reason 5: Bernie could use a friend

Technically the Avs already have Bernie but he is approaching his tenth birthday and might not be as spry as he once was. Bringing in some youth for Bernie to mentor wouldn’t be a bad thing - especially if the pup could do some of the heavy lifting while Bernie takes his pre-game nap.

Bernie the dog @Avalanche on Twitter

And in conclusion, puppies are cute.

We eagerly await your response on this important matter. Thank you.

For anyone interested in the Colorado area, here’s how to adopt your own pup:

Denver Animal Shelter

Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Humane Society of South Platte Valley