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Morning Flurries: Cale Makar beats child at giant Jenga during fan event

The annual ‘Meet the Team’ event was a smashing success.

Minnesota Wild v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Avs

Stadium Series tickets went on sale yesterday. Get yours now!

Scott was at the Stadium Series press conference yesterday. Here’s what he had to say:

For the Avalanche players on the ice on February 15th, it’ll certainly be something special. For the Avalanche as an organization, it’ll be twice as special, as It’ll mark the second time the franchise has hosted an outdoor game since the NHL introduced the spectacle in January of 2014. [Mile High Hockey]

We love Big Gabe’s friendship with Little Gabe:

The Avs held their annual Meet the Team party for season ticket holders last night:

And yes, Cale Makar did beat a little girl at giant Jenga:

And he is actually also good on the ice:

Colorado will finish up their four-game homestand tonight, and there could be some lineup changes:

The Prospects

I’ll save the player prospects for Monday’s report, but since I don’t cover goalies, here’s a great stat:

Fine, one more. The NCAA season began for Avs prospects yesterday and Sampo Ranta’s Minnesota Golden Gophers were in Colorado:

Okay, no more non-AHL prospects until Monday’s report. And not that he’s a prospect anymore, but the newly acquired Calle Rosen was a notable mention in The Hockey News’ AHL players to watch:

The League

Undefeated squads!

The WHL’s Moose Jaw Warriors have hired former NCAA athlete Olivia Howe as a coaching assistant:

Phil Kessel will play in a milestone game tonight:

And because it was a rather boring day as far as news went, we’ll end this edition of the Flurries with yet another feel-good Avalanche moment, courtesy of Sam Girard:

Happy Saturday!