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Introducing At Elevation: A Colorado Avalanche Podcast

We are very excited to launch a new podcast covering the Colorado Avalanche

Mile High Hockey Podcast

Mile High Hockey is very proud to introduce At Elevation: A Colorado Avalanche Podcast. That’s right, we are joining the SB Nation Podcast Network to bring our own brand of audio to the hockey podcast world. The show is going to be hosted by Avalanche superfan and our resident media expert Adrian Hernandez - he’s the one who has put together the great hype videos that you saw from us over the offseason.

Adrian will be the mainstay on the show while others from the MHH family will be stopping by regularly. Add to that a number of guest from around the hockey world, and our goal is to give Avalanche fans an enhanced look at our brand of hockey coverage - both from an Avs perspective and league wide. We’ll cover the big stories from around the NHL, while providing analysis and previews throughout the Avalanche season.

In the first episode, Adrian and Tom discuss the Gabriel Landeskog injury, the Nazem Kadri trade and what it will take do the Avalanche to keep rolling through some through the loss of two star players.

This is a learning process for all of us so your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comment section below.