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Morning Flurries: Victory in Toronto for four straight

Plus, the Taylor Hall rumors are alive and well

Colorado Avalanche v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Kadri’s Homecoming

Last night was the first time Nazem Kadri returned to Toronto since being traded to Colorado over the summer. Before the game, the Toronto Maple Leafs played a 90 second video to thank Kadri and welcome him back to the Six. The clip recapped his entire 10-year career with the Leafs on and off the ice.

The Colorado Avalanche won 3-1, and Kadri played for 17 minutes recording two hits. He won’t see his former team again this season.

The Taylor Hall Saga

Taylor Hall seems poised to move soon, and Colorado has emerged as a likely landing spot. The rumors are swirling, but Tom and Scott have both broken it down.

Tom examines at what a potential trade could look like.

Scott recaps what much of the world is thinking about the potential move.

Altitude Town Hall

Kyle Keefe and Vic Lombardi hosted a one hour livestream on Twitter last night to address questions and concerns regarding the ongoing Altitude Sports saga. Questions were submitted via Facebook and Twitter for the 60 minute stream. The video has been seen over 9,000 times, and is available on Twitter for viewers who weren’t able to see it live.

Happy Birthday, Seattle

The Seattle franchise is officially 366 days old today. We still have a season and three quarters before the team joins the league, but construction is underway on their arena and season tickets are available. They are also setting up a relationship with an AHL team and facility in Palm Springs, CA.