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The best of the Colorado Avalanche season end Paint-the-Ice event

Our favorite decorations on our favorite sheet of ice

From ColoradoAvalanche on Instagram

Last Friday, Colorado Avalanche season ticket holders were treated to an annual event where they could walk on the ice at Pepsi Center and paint their own decorations on it. When the event concluded, the entire surface, save from the Avs logo in the center, was covered with colorful art. Bernie was there, and seemed to enjoy playing with the many children who were working on their masterpieces.


One creative fan went for a simple design. Only three words and a red circle. However, the meaning goes much deeper. Located on the blue line in front of the Avs bench, this art reminds us all of the controversial offsides call against Gabriel Landeskog in Game 7 against the San Jose Sharks. It’s great to see that some fans already have a good sense of humor about the Avs playoff exit.


One dedicated Bernie fan drew an almost life size portrait of him, complete with an ‘A’ on his collar. Bernie posed with the completed art, and seemed to approve. Considering the artists were given paint in buckets or cups and large paint brushes, this is quite an artistic accomplishment. We’re not quite sure what the cheese is about, but it’s a nice touch.

Pizza Shoe

In tribute to former Altitude reporter Lauren Gardner, someone drew one of her iconic pizza shoes. She wasn’t there in person to give her commentary, but Bernie took the time to pose with it for size reference. Gardner claims they were her lucky shoes, so hopefully this fan has given the Pepsi Center some early luck for next season. The flower in the corner is also a nice piece, just to add some extra color to the sheet.

Give Blood, Play Hockey

Hockey isn’t something we usually associate with voluntary blood donation, but it is in a sense. Players bleed for the good of their team and in pursuit of the win. They will even ask referees to check if they are bleeding in order to draw penalty calls against opponents. This drawing accurately represents hockey blood donations, with small splatters – not unlike a crime scene – all over the ice. Here’s to less bleeding a fewer injuries next season.

Avalanche Pride

Hockey is for everyone. The NHL celebrates Pride annually, and this fan made sure to include both the Avs and the Pride flag in one drawing in a creative way of connect the two ideas. We’re not sure when Hockey is For Everyone night will be next season, but Avs marketing reps might want to reach out to this guy for some more design ideas.

Big Heads

And finally, we would like to give a special shoutout to the fans who brought their own props to the ice. Calling themselves the “Big Head Crew,” they managed to combine Zadorov, Barrie, and Taylor’s names with “Partners in Crime” and decorated the crossword with larger than life faces. These three should all be back next season to cause more crimes against opponents at Pepsi Center.

Many other drawings called for the Avs to win the Stanley Cup in 2020, so hopefully this event won’t take place until the end of next June.