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Colorado Avalanche break Hockey Twitter with Cale Makar media day

I am living for all of this Cale content.

Colorado Avalanche - Twitter

It began as just a normal Thursday on Hockey Twitter. A couple of rumors here, some news there. Then, the Colorado Avalanche decided to bless us with several (and that’s downplaying it significantly) Cale Makar-related tweets.

First came the photos of Cale in a garbage bag:

Next came the behind-the-scenes pictures of a photoshoot for Hockey Fights Cancer (the official photos will be released during the season):

Then came the behind-the-scenes video footage of Cale putting on his pre-tied lavender tie, and a fairly familiar suit jacket:

Also, apparently the Avalanche are starting a new video series starring their fans’ favourite vegetable:

And to top it all off, we then learned that Cale has a weakness for slurpees:

Needless to say, the flurry of Cale content was well-received by Avs fans:

Happy Thursday, Avalanche fans! Now I need to lie down.