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Morning Flurries: Breaking Cup Traditions

The Blues won, despite tempting fate

The Blues won the Stanley Cup against the odds, or so we thought. As it turns out, Vladimir Tarasenko, look fate into his own hands, and didn’t tell anyone, until now.’s Tom Gulitti reported Thursday afternoon that Tarasenko completely bucked the sternest NHL superstition of touching or celebrating with the Stanley Cup, before the St. Louis Blues won. Tarasenko had a picture taken of his day old son, four days before the Blues actually won. Fans apparently assumed that the photo was taken when baby Artem was a few days old – after the the Blues won, but in fact it was taken before Game 6.

Pepsi Center is almost ready for hockey! The Avs tweeted out several photos and videos of paint brushed ready to be used, as well as a crew working on the ice surface.

Yesterday was Avalanche media day, which means that social media was graced with a bounty of adorable photos of Cale Makar. Lauren has you covered here.

In other Makar related news, he will be living in Denver with Sam Girard, his girlfriend Jacklyn, and their adorable Goldendoodle puppy Tornade, for the time being.

If you’re not following Tornade’s account, you need to. Right now.

And finally, Andre Burakovsky has arrived in Colorado, and took to the links to acclimatize on Monday before getting on the ice. Twitter compared the scene to Troy Bolton in High School Musical 2. Hopefully he has the singing voice to match his golf game.

That’s it. How many more days until camp starts?