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2020 NHL Entry Draft

Colorado Avalanche select Nils Aman with 167th overall pick with last pick in 2020 Draft

And with their last pick in the draft...

Colorado Avalanche select Ryder Rolston with 139th overall pick

I feel old.

Colorado Avalanche select Justin Barron with the 25th overall pick

Joe Sakic holds onto the 25th pick and selects another defenseman

NHL Draft Draft Prospects: Jake Neighbours, Carter Savoie and Sean Farrell are three to keep an eye on

Good teams are able to find high-en prospects after the first round

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Ty Tullio is the perfect blend of skill and grit

Ty Tullio wants to be the next Brad Marchand

2020 NHL Mock Draft: First Round

We know who will be selected first overall in the draft, how will the rest of the first round shake out?

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Far too many people are sleeping on Tyson Foerster

Tyson Foerster has the potential to drastically outperform his draft stock

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Ridly Greig

Someone at the end of the first round is going to take a swing for the fences with Ridly Grieg

Draft Lottery: New York Rangers get the first overall pick

The Big Apple are big winners for the 2020 NHL Draft.

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: James Hardie is someone to spend a later round pick on

James Hardie came alive in the second half of the OHL season

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Braden Schneider is one of the best two-way defenders of the draft

Steady as she goes, Schneider will keep the ship on course. A set and forget player

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Connor Zary is a lot more than a “safe” pick

Connor Zary is one of the most complete centers in this draft

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Ryan O’Rourke is is built for the NHL

O’Rourke is a very strong two way defender that is built for the NHL

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Kaiden Guhle has all the tools to be a top pair defender

This standout left-handed defender could be a key piece of the puzzle for Colorado’s future if he’s available

If the NHL gets their way, the draft will be held on June 5th

The NHL is pushing hard for a June draft in order to grab attention

2020 NHL Draft Prospects: Antonio Stranges could be a steal at the end of the first round

Stranges has a ton of raw talent but needs to learn how to use it