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Mile High Hockey Seeking Contributors For Next Season

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We’re always looking for new, fresh voices

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Dallas Stars at Colorado Avalanche Gerry Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

What we as hockey fans just witnessed is likely the single craziest season we will very experience in our lifetime. After a global pandemic shut down hockey- and the rest of the world - back in March, the NHL was able to put together a return-to play plan that allowed the league to crown the Tampa Bay Lightning as the 2020 Stanley Cup Champions.

Game 6 of the Cup finals on Monday night might be the last game we see for a while - we simply don’t know when the global health crisis will allow the NHL to be back. The league is hoping to be able to re-start in either December or January but as long as the Canada/US border remains closed, that looks like an impossibility. Regardless of this uncertain timeline, the league is forging ahead with their offseason as the 2020 NHL Entry Draft is less than a week away.

While we may not know when the season starts, we do know that there will be plenty of news and opinions to be had about the Colorado Avalanche and the league at large. As a result, we here at MHH are looking for contributors who may be looking to get their foot in the sports media door.

We’re always striving to add unique, diverse voices to the team here at Mile High Hockey. Though it will be a crazy offseason, and we don’t know when games will be played again, this is the perfect opportunity to expand our contributors and staff. We don’t have a set idea as to what kind of roles would be filled but if you think you can contribute in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether it be writing, media content, or any other form of contribution, we are open to any and all ideas.

If you are interested, please email us at with a little information about yourself and what you think you could being to the team. After we get responses from those interested, someone on staff will be reaching out to understand a little more about your desires and expectations as we continue the process to add to our team here.