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Morning Flurries: Tyson Jost gets new deal

Colorado Avalanche v Dallas Stars - Game Four Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s been over two weeks since the NHL’s bizarre 2020 free agency period started, and things have finally started to slow down.

A few minor league signings have peppered newsfeeds over the last few days, with the Joe Thornton deal causing a bit of a splash to spruce things up. But for the most part, it’s down to a few hanger-ons without 2020-21 deals and contract extensions — most of which aren’t the big names, either.

For Colorado, at least one more thing has been checked off the list, though. Tyson Jost, who put up eight goals and 23 points last season for the Avalanche in his first full (albeit covid-shortened) NHL season, inked a one-year extension with the club worth $874,125.

As most have pointed out, he’s still got a ways to go before he reaches the expectations set for him when he was drafted by the club. But the one-year deal is cheap, and gives him a chance to prove he can take the necessary steps forward before the club locks him in for anything more long-term.

With that move — and Hunter Miska’s announcement via Twitter that he’s back for more — the team is nearly done making their extension signings for the upcoming year:

Of course, there’s still plenty of waiting to go before the next season starts, and that puts the players in a tricky spot. For some clubs, though, there have been positive relationships with European organizations to take advantage of:

Obviously, there are only so many spots to take advantage of over in Europe at the moment, and some of those clubs have already been dealing with Covid-related problems of their own that have caused limited practices, postponed games, and quarantined rosters. But for the players who are getting the chance to work a bit with future teammates (and with other coaches) during the NHL’s extended hiatus, it’s hard to see these overseas loans as a bad thing.

Finally, it’s been a bit of a slow news weekend — but here’s an elite sport crossover in the form of some wise advice given to Joe Thornton about his decision to leave San Jose for the season: