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Please welcome the new members of the Mile High Hockey team

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NHL: New York Rangers at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the NHL offseason in full swing, we at Mile High Hockey figured it was a good time to throw out the invitation to Avalanche fans who might want to join the team for next season. We had a great response and will be adding a number of new contributors to help make the site even better for next season (whenever it happens). Please join me in welcoming the new crew to the MHH team. Here is a little bit about each of them in their own words.

Ross Sellers - Hey MHH readers, I am excited to be a part of the team and bring you all what I hope is quality coverage of the Colorado Avalanche. I used to write quite a bit for Mile High Sticking, so I am looking forward to putting the proverbial pen back to the page to write about hockey, and, more importantly, burgundy and blue hockey. A little about me: I live in Bozeman, MT and it’s pretty great. I like to fly-fish, and I have two dogs. I am still a season ticket holder for the Avs, and try and get back for at least 5-10 games a year. When I’m not at a game, I’m watching on my couch with my Avs shrine behind me. Well, I guess that covers it. You can find me musing on Twitter @rse21milehigh. Happy offseason folks!

Patrick J. McCabe – Important things about me? I don’t know if they exist, but here are some basic facts. I’m 38, recently married, living in Upstate, NY and the proud owner of a 9-year-old diva Husky-German Shepherd and soon, a muppet (Bernedoodle puppy getting picked up Black Friday!). I’ve been an Avs fan since before they were the Avalanche (yep, I was a Nordiques fan) and Joe Sakic is my favorite all-time player. In 2018, I decided it would be a good idea at 36 years old to pick up ice skating. After a whole 2 times out on the ice (and yes, my fair share of bruises) I decided I loved it and was going to play hockey. In 2019 I played my first organized hockey game and it took my love of the sport from about 6 to way past 11! Now, on top of being a huge Avalanche fan, I’m falling more in love with the sport itself every day and hope to bring that excitement, love and desire to learn more about hockey to the great Mile High Hockey community!

Elizabeth Grimsley - I’m one of those people that really likes editing. You may think that means I just like correcting people, and while that may be true in some small sense, I mainly have a passion for helping other journalists produce the best content they possibly can. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing for Mile High Hockey. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Journalism, an emphasis in magazines and a certificate in sports media. I’m currently a full-time online content editor and content marketing specialist, and spend my free time working on a gymnastics media website I founded in 2015. While you may not always physically see my work in action for MHH, know I’m always here behind the scenes working to make things even better.

Aaron Vincent - I was born and raised in Colorado, and currently live in Windsor just minutes from the Bud Center. I was relatively late getting into hockey (in college), but I fell in love fast and hard. I played goal in NoCo rec leagues for many years and still suck. I started out as a Denver Grizzlies fan, but when the Nordiques moved to Denver with that magical first year, I became a lifelong Avalanche fan. I am a season ticket holder with the Colorado Eagles and have watched the progression of the franchise from the CHL, to the ECHL, and now the AHL. Having the Eagles become the Avalanche AHL affiliate was a dream come true.I love humor and comedy, and I hope to bring weekly humor to the MHH site with posts like pre-game superlatives (“Voted mostly likely to...”), comic strips, memes, fake twitter posts, etc. I also create random pics / comics based on current events in the hockey world and will share them with everyone for your articles, if you’d like to add some humor. Happy to be part of the team!

Alex Dagner - My name is Alex and I am an avid hockey fan and an even bigger fan of my hometown Colorado Avalanche. I am originally from Denver, CO, but have since relocated to the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR). I played all kinds of hockey throughout my youth (street, roller, ice, etc.) and have fond memories playing hockey with friends on my childhood street pretending I was Joe Sakic flying down the ice for a magnificent goal. While I am now watching my favorite team from afar, I feel the old adage “distance makes the heart grow fonder” rings true as my passion for hockey and the Avs has only grown since moving away. This season’s playoff exit was truly crushing, but I strongly believe there is so much excitement and potential around this team and I think their championship window has just opened.With my relocation, in addition to offering great depth and breadth of hockey knowledge to the team at MHH, I feel I could also offer unique perspectives and insight into local PNW hockey as well as help keep a beat on the new Seattle Kraken franchise.

Evan Liu - I’m currently a student at Colorado State University in my sophomore year, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Media Studies. I wouldn’t call myself a hockey expert, I never really played it as a kid as a kid (my hand-stick-eye coordination while trying to skate was rough) but I have learned so much about the sport from my dad. Going to his games on Sunday nights, and watching the Avs both on TV and in-person. I like learning more about the sport and taking a deeper dive into a sport I love - being part of the MHH team will help the passion grow even more. I also know a lot of people like me aren’t interested in hockey. I come from a multiracial background, being Chinese and Latino, and I know several people like me who don’t even know hockey exists. I feel if as a part of the team, I could help introduce the sport of hockey to those communities and get kids like me hooked on the Avalanche.

Daniel Keith Westerberg - I am an avid Colorado Avalanche fan who resides in Denver Colorado. My favorite player growing up was Peter Forsberg and I emulated hiss playing style out there on the ice. In my free time I enjoy cooking, playing hockey, reading, fishing and watching sports. I am a very visual and physical communicator who can adapt to help where needed. Excited to be a part of the team and ready to get going!