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The best players available going into Day Two of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

There is a still a lot of talent available on day two of the NHL draft

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With the first 31 picks in the books, Day 2 of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft begins Wednesday morning. Teams will spend rounds two through seven filling out their prospect depth charts with the hopes that they hit a home run for the future.

As with most years, some high-end prospects that were believed to be selected int he first round have fallen to day two. Talented forwards like Noel Gunler, J.J Peterka and Jan Mysak are still available while defenders like William Wallinder and Ryan O’Rourke are still on the board for teams drafting early in the second round.

Based on the consensus rankings from HEOTP, here are the best remaining prospects that are available going into day two:

Noel Gunler - Ranked 23

Jan Mysak - Ranked 25

JJ Peterka - Ranked 26

William Wallinder - Ranked 29

Thomas Bordeleau - Ranked 30

Helge Grans - Ranked 31

Jeremie Poirier - Ranked 32

Ryan O’Rourke - Ranked 33

Marat Khusnutdinov - Ranked 35

Topi Niemela - Ranked 37

Roni Hirvonen - Ranked 38

Emil Andrae - Ranked 39

Whether it’s an undersized defender like Niemela or Andrae or a boom/bust forward like Gunler or Bordeleau, there are some very good players available at the top of the second round. That means that we could see a lot of movement in the early part of day two as teams will likely be trying to trade up to grab a kid that they expected would have been drafted in the first round.

Day 2 of the draft begins at 9:30am MDT.

The order for round two is as follows:

Round 2

32. Detroit Red Wings

33. Ottawa Senators

34. San Jose Sharks

35. Los Angeles Kings

36. Anaheim Ducks

37. Nashville Predators (from NJ)

38. Buffalo Sabres

39. Minnesota Wild

40. Winnipeg Jets

41. Carolina Hurricanes (from NYR)

42. Nashville Predators

43. Florida Panthers

44. Toronto Maple Leafs

45. Detroit Red Wings (from EDM)

46. Chicago Blackhawks (from VGK-PIT)

47. Montreal Canadiens

48. Montreal Canadiens (from CHI)

49. Arizona Coyotes (vacated)

50. Calgary Flames

51. Los Angeles Kings (from VAN)

52. Ottawa Senators (from CBJ)

53. Carolina Hurricanes

54. Philadelphia Flyers

55. Detroit Red Wings (from WSH)

56. San Jose Sharks (from COL-WSH)

57. Montreal Canadiens (from STL)

58. Boston Bruins

59. Ottawa Senators (from NYI)

60. Los Angeles Kings (from VGK)

61. Ottawa Senators (from DAL-VGK)

62. Tampa Bay Lightning