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Morning Flurries: Candy Hangover Edition

News out of Ontario and the winner of the Avalanche Halloween Costume Contest!

Colorado Avalanche v Dallas Stars - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well I hope everyone got their fill of candy and costumes yesterday! With November upon us (without hockey no less!), it’s time to bust out the winter jackets, get the fireplace ready and settle in for the cold season.

It seems like the biggest story in hockey land is the Ontario Hockey League’s plan to outlaw hitting as a COVID-19 precaution.

While taking precautions against the virus that’s caused a global pandemic seems like the right move, it doesn’t seem to be the most popular move amongst fans of the league, including the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford.

There are a lot of spicy takes in the replies to both of those tweets, proceed with caution.

While it’s unlikely the Colorado Avalanche dip their toes into the RFA market, there are some interesting options available. While Mathew Barzal isn’t likely to be an option, I can dream can’t I?

The team also decided to throw some more hot takes onto the “Who’s the Best Young Defenseman?” fire. I’m pretty sure everyone here will agree, it’s Cale Makar.

And finally, in some lighter news, the winner of the Colorado Avalanche costume contest is...

Honestly, I’m not sure that Samuel Girard didn’t just hire Rami Malek to pose for this picture. Great job Sam!

Happy November everyone!