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Reverse Retro Reveal: Dirty ‘Diques Revival?

With Adidas releasing a full league preview of the new Reverse Retro promotion, we can finally put together an idea of what Colorado will be wearing when they hit the ice in 2021.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Today Adidas finally released a full preview of the uniform promotion for NHL’s upcoming season. They are calling it “Reverse Retro,” and a couple of leaks from other teams have made the rounds already, including a very yellow Bruins sweater. We also saw one potential piece of what the Colorado Avalanche might be rocking thanks to Nathan MacKinnon.

As soon as MacKinnon posted that picture on his Instagram Story, Avalanche fans and uniform enthusiasts ramped up the speculation that the team would be paying homage to the origins of the franchise. With the 25th anniversary of the Avalanche approaching and the league-wide love the Carolina Hurricanes got for bringing back the Hartford Whalers uniforms, many people thought the time was finally right for the Avalanche to bring back the fleur-de-lis of the Quebec Nordiques.

While the ownership has never stated the team would never wear the igloo again, there have been opportunities. The team has chosen to represent the Colorado Rockies in the past. Winning the Stanley Cup the year after the move to Denver in 1996 felt like getting robbed to many Quebec fans; a potential contributing factor in the Nordiques uniform remaining on the shelf all these years.

Quebec Nordiques v New Jersey Devils
The boss as a very young man.
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Fast forward to today with Adidas’ release of its promotional video for the Reverse Retro promo. It shows a silhouette walking away and the jersey changing colors and numbers. While the striping and number font don’t change on the preview video, don’t read too much into it. The number is the important part. By looking at some of the previously leaked images and matching them up with the preview graphics; you find that the numbers on the uniforms seem to correlate to the year the uniform will be based upon.

The Avalanche have two options for 1979. The first is the Nordiques, and while the blue fits pretty well, the red is certainly more Colorado and less Quebec. This has led to some belief that the Avalanche could be going with another Colorado Rockies uniform tribute, much like the current third uniforms.

With only a standard template and colors to go upon, it’s hard to tell what direction Colorado is headed with this uniform promotion. The red matches the current uniform but neither of the 1979 examples, so perhaps we’re in for some kind of fake-retro uniform like the Tampa Bay Rays wear? If I were a betting man, my best guess would be a Nordiques-inspired original Avalanche jersey with a red version of the “A” logo and retro-inspired strip patterns to mimic the old Quebec uniforms—but with no fleur-de-lis and no igloo. It’d be cool to get a throwback Nordiques jersey, but I won’t believe it until I see it.

It’s nice to see the NHL branching out and trying out league-wide uniform promotions, much like the NFL did with its “Color Rush” promotion. Reverse Retro seems like a way better starting point than “make all the uniforms one color,” and I’m very excited to see what Adidas and the teams have come up with for each of the 31 franchises.

What do you think? Are we getting a throwback to Quebec or a re-fashion of the current third jersey to pay homage to the original NHL franchise in Denver?


Which Uniform will the Avalanche base their Reverse Retro uniform on?

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