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Morning Flurries: Throwin’ it back to Quebec

The Avs tease us with their new Reverse Retros and we are watering at the mouth for the full reveal

Pittsburgh Penguins v Quebec Nordiques Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images

In an NHL offseason of dry news and barren wasteland ever since the drafts and start of free agency, Adidas has advertised their new promotion called “Reverse Retros,” throwing back to jerseys of the past for all 31 NHL teams.

Ever since last Tuesday, the NHL and Adidas have been throwing around teasers of what the jerseys would look like and from what era. The first images were shared for the Pacific Division on Thursday, the Metropolitan Division on Friday, and the Central Division yesterday. Avs fan have been dying to wonder what our retro’s would look like, and the sneak peeks we’re getting are astonishing:

While some debated if the Avs would throwback to the former Colorado Rockies or Quebec Nordiques, this proves that we are finally getting a Nordiques throwback for the promotion and the Avs 25th anniversary. We are getting what looks to be Nordiques jersey with the Avs burgundy mixed in with the Fleurs prominently displayed near the waist with a white background, making it pop and stand out. The real question now is will this be an Avs logo, a Nordiques logo, or even a Yeti footprint on the front and shoulders of the jersey.

Along with the Avs reveal yesterday came the rest of the Central Division’s jerseys which pay tribute to their past as well. While I’m not a big fan of any other team in the division for obvious reasons, their jerseys have been pretty sweet too:

Some of these jerseys may make you incredibly happy. I can also imagine that there are several bitter former fanbases where the team doesn’t exist anymore (sorry Quebec Nordiques and Minnesota North Stars). Nonetheless, Adidas has done solid with these historic jerseys being brought to present times and giving fans something to cheer for right now.

The NHL recently has also taken to Twitter to interact with some fans by asking a couple of different questions:

This response on Twitter is golden. For anyone who played floor hockey in their time, if you know, you know:

We have an update on what the 2021 season might look like! One option on the table is to host a couple of different hub cities across the country. Here’s what Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said on the NHL @TheRink podcast on Friday:

“You’d obviously want to put those hub cities in places that are experiencing positive experiences on the COVID side,” Daly said. “You’d set up some dedicated space and restaurants for the players without the secure perimeters that we had in the bubble cities. That would be the benefit of hub cities. You would be in a situation where teams would travel in, play a bunch of games over a two-week time period and then be able to go home and spend time with their families and their own local practices facilities for a week, and cycle through a season that way.”

The NHL is still set on a January 1st start date with training camp 2-3 weeks before the start of play. Time will tell what ends up happening with the 2021 season as things are still unpredictable for the next couple of months. If you’d like to read the full article, check it out here:

Finally, as we all miss the feeling of going to the arena to watch a game or heading to the rink to play, the world continues to spin. We continue to go to work or school virtually while being cooped up in our homes, or maybe even in the office or the school building. We are left in thought, wondering what’s next. This could be anything from how well the Avs will do next season, to what needs to be done around the house, or even a future vacation. If a vacation becomes a possibility in the future, the NHL might have you set on a winter getaway in the future. If you love outdoor skating, this place is for you:

Happy Sunday everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe!