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Morning Flurries: Stretch Run Starts Now

Joe Sakic comments on what happened, and didn't, at the trade deadline

Colorado Avalanche v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Sara Schmidle/NHLI via Getty Images

After a day of practice with their new teammates the Colorado Avalanche begin their final 21 games of the regular season tonight hosting the Buffalo Sabres before heading out on the road again in hopes of securing top seeding in the Western Conference.

Joe Sakic made one of his rare appearances in front of the media and while nothing of note was offered he did speak about the trade deadline from his perspective. Spoiler alert: he loves his guys.

Grab a chair and some tissues before settling into this just over 40 minute long video of the full charity brunch fashion show. The smooth moves on the runway and smiles were aplenty as usual.

The David Ayres story is the gift that keeps on giving to the hockey world. First he headed to New York City for some television media and then to North Carolina to meet many new fans.

Thanks for the memories, David!