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Bauer Hockey to make protective visors for healthcare workers battling COVID-19

The Canadian equipment manufacturer is set to shift production to help fight the pandemic

Montreal based hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer is offering to modify its production line to make protective visors for doctors, nurses and first-responders. The Canadian company that specializes in protective equipment for hockey is now using their resources to to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Bauer will be re-purposing their infrastructure, resources and workforce at the company’s innovation centre in Blainville, Que.

Bauer’s vice-president of products, Dan Bourgeois, says he is working with Montreal police, firefighters and hospitals who are all interested in using their protective equipment.

The company decided to adapt its hockey visor production after hearing Quebec Premier Francois Legault say manufacturers in Quebec would be asked to help if supplies of protective equipment run low.

With the material normally used to help hockey players to see clearly on the ice, the new full-face visors are made of plastic and contain anti-fogging material. The province of Quebec had ordered for all non-essential businesses to be closed, so the company is waiting for authorization from the provincial government before going into production.

Bauer CEO Ed Kinnaly said in a statement: “Protection that allows athletes to give everything for their team is our heritage. Right now, we’re all on the same team. We’re re-purposing our facilities to make face shields so that medical professionals battling COVID-19 can safely continue to help those most vulnerable”

Kinnaly also said the cost of each medical shield is about $3 in the U.S., including shipping. The company does not expect to make any profit on the new product.

Not only will this initiative provide much safety equipment to those who need it most right now, but it will also keep the company’s workforce active at a time when many people throughout North America are without work.

As of Wednesday evening, orders for more than 100,000 visors had come in to the company.