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Mile High Hockey Game Day: Top Chef All-Stars Episode two

It’s as close to sports as we’re going to get right now

Bravo’s “Top Chef” And “Project Runway” - A Night Of Food And Fashion FYC Red Carpet Event Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It was great to have Top Chef back last week. It’s by far the best reality competition show on TV and this season of All-Stars is taking it to a new level.

When: Thursday - 10pm ET

Where to watch: Bravo

What you need to know: Last week Joe went home after he dropped the ball in two straight challenges. He was saved by the rest of his team after his overly ambitious pasta missed the mark in the Quick Fire. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be saved later as his sub-par seafood flat bread got him eliminated.

Lee Anne was also near the bottom in both of the challenges so she is going to need a big rebound to fight her way back from the bottom of the pack.

On the flip side, Greg showed why he is one of the chefs to beat this season. He won the first elimination challenge and going by the reaction of the judges, it wasn’t particularly close.

The Contestants

Top Chef All-Stars Contestants

Chef Residence Previous Seasons
Chef Residence Previous Seasons
Eric Adjepong Washington, DC Season 16
Karen Akunowicz Boston, Massachusetts Season 13
Jennifer Carroll Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Washington, DC Season 6, 8, 15
Stephanie Cmar Boston, Massachusetts Season 10, 11
Lisa Fernandes Brooklyn, New York Season 4
Kevin Gillespie Atlanta, Georgia Season 6
Gregory Gourdet Portland, Oregon Season 12
Melissa King San Francisco, California Season 12
Jamie Lynch Charlotte, North Carolina Season 14
Brian Malarkey San Diego, California Season 3
Nini Nguyen New York, New York Season 16
Joe Sasto Los Angeles, California Season 15
Angelo Sosa San Diego, California Season 7, 8
Bryan Voltaggio Frederick, Maryland Season 6
Lee Anne Wong Maui, Hawaii Season 1, 15

This Week

The chefs were thrown right back into a challenge at the end of last week’s episode. Judging from the premier and the “this season on” montage at the end of the episode, this season looks like it will be a whirlwind for both the contestants and the viewers.

Most of us watch the show for the cooking. The off-shift household interactions can be fun but at the end of the day, this is about watching some of the most talented chefs in America do what they do best - so the more TV time spent on the challenges, the better.