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Avalanche enjoying a little their time in Edmonton

Why is Gabriel Landeskog golfing without shoes?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Arizona Coyotes at Colorado Avalanche Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the perks of a quick round one victory in the Stanley Cup playoffs means that the Colorado Avalanche get a few extra days to rest and recover. Unlike most years when players would get a few extra days home with their families, the unique nature of this year’s “playoff bubble” is that the team can treat their down time like an extended road trip.

Options are limited when you’re confined to a small area of Edmonton but judging from their social media accounts, it seems as though the team is making the most of their off days.

For the first time since entering the bubble, the team was able to get out of Edmonton for a few hours as they made their way south to Blackhawk Golf Club in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Being able to get away to a new setting - even for only a few hours - can be a huge boost for these players. Yesterday, Dallas Stars head coach Rick Bowness expressed that life in the NHL bubbles - and away from friends and family - can take a toll on these players mentally.

It’s good to see the team getting out and enjoying themselves on the golf course.

Hockey team on the links or debut album cover?

He made be an absolute stud both on and off the course but can someone explain why Gabriel Landeskog is golfing without any shoes on?

Gabriel Landeskog golfing without shoes

Is that a White Claw I see in the captain’s hand? Maybe he’s still trying to recover from getting roasted by Tyson Jost on the football field a few days ago.

Today, the team will be back on the ice in Edmonton as they get set to take on the Dallas Stars in the second round starting next week.