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2021 NHL Entry Draft

Andrei Buyalsky picked by the Colorado Avalanche with the 92nd selection in the draft

Avalanche take a big swing with their third round pick

The Colorado Avalanche select Sean Behrens with the 61st overall picks

The Avalanche add another elite defender to the depth chart

Colorado Avalanche draft Oskar Olausson 28th overall

A gifted winger with room to grow.

NHL Mock Draft 2021: Colorado Avalanche select Olen Zellweger

With the 27th pick, MHH selects Olen Zellweger of the Everett Silvertips

2021 NHL Draft Prospects: Sean Behrens is another blue chip prospect being penalized by size

Sean Behrens plays a lot bigger than the tape measure would have you believe

2021 NHL Draft Prospects: Zachary L’Heureux

Adding an aggressive power forward from Halifax

2021 NHL Draft Prospects: Brett Harrison is the strong, goal-scoring center every team is looking for on draft day

If he puts in the work to improve his skating, Harrison has all the tools to be an impact player in the NHL

2021 NHL Draft Prospects: Zach Dean plays a style perfectly tailored for today’s NHL

Dean has a style built around speed, offensive creativity and a hard forecheck