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Morning Flurries: Preparing for Lake Tahoe

Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights get set for outdoor game on Saturday

The Colorado Avalanche are on day two of three days off before they square off against the Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday. This game will be an outdoor game played beside Lake Tahoe. The first of two games at that location, as the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers will play there Sunday as well. Saturday will be game three of four in a row between the two teams, with game four going Monday. So far, they have split this mini-series at one game each.

More details have been released about this weekend and the events to occur at Lake Tahoe as well. Usually, these outdoor games are all about the fans in attendance. Part of the draw is the game, but a massive part of the draw is the atmosphere and all the events surrounding the game too. It was announced by the NHL that members of the Tahoe community will be honored before the Avs game on Saturday. They also announced that Green Day will be releasing a new song.

MacKinnon Headlines First Intermission

On top of all of this, there will also be a $1 million golf challenge hosted by none other than Nathan MacKinnon. In the first intermission, on the 17th hole of the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course (where the game is being played), Nathan MacKinnon will attempt to hit a hole-in-one. Something Joe Sakic did in 2011 during a Celebrity Golf Tournament. If he makes it, the NHL will be donating $1 million to the Learn to Play Program.

One would have to guess this will be a quick event in the middle of the intermission as obviously, MacKinnon will want to stay focused on the game as much as possible. Nonetheless, it’s a cool idea to try and get some interaction even if fans can’t all be there.

Overall, it looks as if the NHL has a bunch of items planned for these outdoor games to try and make them as fun as possible to watch. The backdrop of Lake Tahoe itself should be something to see, however, it also helps that it is two of the league's best teams going at it. It should make for a very entertaining game.

What Will it Look Like?

Speaking of looks, the NHL released some photos on Twitter as to just how the rink is coming along. Take a look for yourself, but it’s hard to argue that this won’t be one of the coolest looking NHL games ever played.

It feels like it is going to be hard to complain about the view during these games, which is something that fans on TV often take issue with during outdoor games. Because the ice is so far away, it can often lead to not as great of a viewing experience, which is fine if you’re there live and fully into the energy at the stadium. However, at home, it can have its struggles. Luckily, with no fans, it should mean the camera angles are pretty close and the quality won’t be interrupted.

Either way, it should be a very exciting and cool experience this weekend for everyone. However, the biggest thing for the Avs is remembering a crucial two points against a team you’re competing with for top spot is on the line. Even in a new environment, expect their A-game to be brought.

Getting Back to Full Strength

As expected, Gabriel Landeskog and Tyson Jost were removed from the NHL’s COVID list on Wednesday. They have re-joined the team and will be ready to go on Saturday.