In defense of the rule book

I have a few things to say in light of the early "retirement" of referee Tim Peel. Call the game as the rules are written. If it is a penalty call it. If it is not a penalty, don't call it. Seems simple, Seems fair.

How many times do we hear hockey analysts, announcers, coaches, or players say the following:

But not in the last five minutes, we don't want the refs to decide the game, right?

Me: I call Bull! If it's a penalty in the first five minutes, then it's a penalty in the last five minutes of the game. If it's not a penalty in the last five minutes, it's not a penalty in the first five minutes of the game.

But a bad call could be the deciding factor in the outcome.

Me: A bad non-call could be the deciding factor, too. If it's a penalty call it, if not, don't call it! Easy-peasy.

But referees should call playoff games differently than regular season games.

Me: Why??!!?? It's the same rulebook, same rules, same game in playoffs as it is in regular season (except for OT).

But the last four penalties were called on us and we're due for a call.

Me: I call double Bull! If a team fouls, then refs should make the call, regardless of who was in the box last, who is in the box now, or regardless of the score or flow of the game. Seems fair.

But we don't want the officials deciding the game.

Me: Agreed! And the Tim Peel situation is an example of one of the ways referees can control and influence the game and this behavior should be rooted out of the game. Referees should be focused on the play on the ice, not the score or keeping count of penalties assessed to each side.

Finally, pet peeve then I'm off my soapbox: Why is the most frequent penalty we see in OT of playoff games the DOG, delay of game, puck over the glass penalty?

Answer: Because the puck over the glass is an obvious, easy, clear, blatant call to make and it's during a stoppage of play. Everyone on the opposing team and bench is pointing. The fans are pointing and there is no where for the refs to hide. Huddle up and penalty is called.

Me: I call triple bull. How often do we see blatant tripping, blatant stick fouls, blatant interference NOT called in OT? Problem is, play has not stopped and pointing and outcries are ignored as the play goes on. The refs can 'hide' in the moment. Therefore, we are left with 2, 3, and 4 OT games that by all rights should have ended earlier during a power play called on a blatant, non-DOG penalty.

Don't be a But(t): If it's a penalty in the first five minutes of a regular season game, then it's a penalty in the 4th OT. If it is not a penalty in the 4th OT, then it is not a penalty in the first five minutes of a regular season game. Prove me wrong on any of the above by quoting the rule book.

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