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Colorado Avalanche to have 13 games broadcast nationally during the 2021-22 season

The Avalanche will be a major focus of the NHL’s new broadcast partners

Chicago Blackhawks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Earlier this year, the NHL announced that ESPN and TNT would be replacing NBC as the league's national broadcast partner. In an attempt to grow viewership, the NHL has moved to a multi-partner system that more closely resembles that of the NBA - both in terms of diversification across networks and how the game will be marketed on a national stage.

Thursday afternoon, the NHL announced that the national broadcast schedule and the Colorado Avalanche appear on it 13 times.

Turner Sports announced their 50-game TNT telecast schedule for the 2021-22 season and the Avalanche will appear on their national broadcast five times including during the season-opening doubleheader on Wednesday October 13th.

The Avs will appear on TNT on the following dates:

Oct. 13 vs Chicago

Dec. 29 vs Dallas

Jan. 19 @ Anaheim

Jan. 26 vs Boston

Apr. 13 vs Los Angeles

Along with the five Turner games, the Avalanche will a part of the ESPN package (ESPN/ABC/HULU) eight times over the season.


Oct. 19 vs Washington

Nov. 19 vs Seattle

Dec. 14 vs New York Rangers

Jan. 4 at Chicago


Oct. 26 vs Vegas

Jan. 20 at Los Angeles

Apr. 26 vs St. Louis


Apr. 2 vs Pittsburgh

Judging by the promotions being done by both Turner and ESPN, it seems as though both have big plans for changing how the game is presented - and that’s a very good thing. The NHL on NBC broadcast had become increasingly stale, so a new and bigger platform could be a great thing for the growth of the league.