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A new style just released on BreakingT for Avalanche fans

An Avalanche favorite has made its way onto a shirt and hoodie

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Carolina Hurricanes v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Just a few days after announcing our new partnership with BreakingT, they’ve already got a new design for Colorado Avalanche fans! I think you all will like the new sight of this one.

We all know that song that the Avs play in the third period or after a game they’ve won. At the top of their lungs, 18,000 fans shout “Say it ain’t so! I will not go! Turn the lights off! Carry me home!”

Blink-182’s early 2000s hit “All the Small Things” has become a fan favorite and hit for the Avs played in the third period. This wonderful tradition, now thanks to BreakingT, can now be worn by you at the game!

You can now have this design on a hoodie or a t-shirt and sing it from the chest, literally from home or at Ball Arena. Here’s some more information on the design:

  • Adult T-shirt, Hoodie, Youth T-shirt, or Women’s V-neck shirt available
  • Designed by Nick Torres, screened in the USA
  • Shipping available to the US, Canada, UK or Australia

Find this new design here and wear an Avalanche tradition close to heart. Shirts start at $26 for Youths, $30 for Adults and $55 for a hoodie. Check out all of the rest of designs for the Avalanche available on the BreakingT website and help support MHH.

That’s all for now, but there’s bound to be more designs available coming soon. Keep an eye out for those on here.