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Mile High Hockey Lab #3: Eastern Road Trip

Adrian, Jackie, and Ezra talk about what might be holding Alex Newhook back and more!

Welcome to the Mile High Hockey Lab! In this week’s episode, Adrian, Jackie, and Ezra discuss Valeri Nuchushkin’s standout performance to begin the new season, Georgiev’s performance against the New York Rangers, and what might be holding Alex Newhook back from taking that next step and becoming a bonafide 2C.

Jackie and Ezra think that giving Alex Newhook some time with Rantanen might shake him loose of his funk, and both agree that he needs to be shooting the puck more. Is J.T. Compher more suited for a winger role, and might he be a good linemate with Newhook? Rodrigues seems to be sinking into his position but is he the long-term answer?

Mikko Rantanen is on another tear to start the season. He might not get the attention he deserves, but Jackie explains why.

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