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Introducing the new Mile High Hockey leadership group

There’s a new crew in charge.

Colorado Avalanche v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Colorado Avalanche added to their roster at the NHL Trade Deadline, so we here at Mile High Hockey are as well for the remainder of the season.

This site has gone over a big changeover and has been just hanging in the balance, looking for some security and some ability to properly and fully cover our beloved Avalanche. You will see the same, familiar names on MHH that you currently do but there will be a new voice as well.

The new leadership group will be a collective effort to help provide everything that you, as the MHH community, want from this site and even more. Adrian Hernandez, Jackie Kay, and Evan Liu will still be on the site and have been moved up into editor roles, to help out with the content and give a stable long-lasting foundation.

In addition to those three, Thomas Williams will be joining us for the remainder of the season and through the first half of the off-season. Thomas is currently a staff contributor for Broad Street Hockey, the site manager for Hockey Wilderness, and a freelance contributor to Yahoo Sports; with about five years experience in professional hockey writing. This will not be a permanent addition, but just one to help guide the website in this transitional time.

It won’t be any single person at the top, but we will be leading this site as a group and with a focus on helping bring this community back together as we watch a damn good hockey team.

Go Avs Go!

- Thomas, Adrian, Jackie, and Evan