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Reliving the Nathan MacKinnon carb debacle

MacKinnon and carbs do not mix...or do they?

2020 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series - Team Practices & Family Skate Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

While the offseason for the Colorado Avalanche started too soon in the 2021 season after falling to the Vegas Golden Knights in six games, it came with some funny “revelations” for the Avs star center.

After Nikita Zadorov was traded, he talked about how Nathan MacKinnon was very strict on his diet which included no carbs and sugars for himself and the team.

This of course caused the hockey world to laugh and chuckle at the thought of MacKinnon enforcing such guidelines on the team. There were several funny jokes that floated around hockey twitter that lasted all summer long. This included the following tweet that we have as a bot in our Slack channel that is too funny to skip over:

MacKinnon put those statements made by Zadorov to rest by the time preseason came around, as he was certainly aware of the comments made by his former Russian teammate.

As a native Californian (yes yes, I know, but I’ve been in Colorado since 2008 and was here before the majority of other Californians), I do love the fact that he does go to In-N-Out after games and need to find him there afterwards sometime. Side note, it is the best burger chain and I am dying on that biased hill.

Regardless, the nearest In-N-Out to Ball Arena is in Lakewood just 10 minutes away. Maybe try your luck there one night after a game to see him pass by with a Double-Double in hand. We’ll see if those worries are really put to rest then, but at least in the moment it was a humorous offseason for MacKinnon and the Avalanche.