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Nathan MacKinnon out with upper-body Injury

MacKinnon looks to have injured his hand or wrist while fighting Matt Dumba.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Minnesota Wild David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche will be without star forward Nathan MacKinnon tonight against the Calgary Flames.

Many speculate that MacKinnon injured his hand or wrist while fighting the Minnesota Wild’s Matt Dumba Sunday night. He has traveled back to Denver from Calgary for further evaluation.

It does look like MacKinnon landed a heavy shot toward the end of this skirmish. Many fans took to the internet to call for the star forward to keep his mitts on with the rapidly approaching postseason.

If it is indeed a broken hand, we can only hope it is minor and will not require surgery. According to Google, a broken hand generally takes three to six weeks to heal. The critical thing to note is how valuable MacKinnon’s hand health is to what he does well on the ice. He’s a puck-handling wizard who can put some touch on passes and beat goaltenders in tight. With just sixteen games remaining (including tonight), the postseason is just under five weeks away. That is thirty-three or thirty-four calendar days away, depending on how the first round gets scheduled.

It is worth noting that MacKinnon made the trip from Minnesota to Calgary before heading home to Denver. This might indicate he thought he could play through whatever injury he sustained. Hopefully he just has a swore wrist as he looked to bend it awkwardly while landing a heavy blow to the head of Dumba.