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MacKinnon spotted skating in Denver

Video has surfaced that shows Nathan MacKinnon working with Avalanche skills coach in Denver.

Avalanche training camp Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Rumors that Nathan MacKinnon hit the ice for some skills practice began circulating early this morning. We have since seen some Denver Post video that confirms these rumors.

We had a feeling things weren’t quite as severe as they might have seemed when finding out that MacKinnon did, in fact, travel from Minnesota to Calgary before heading home to Denver. That was a pretty strong indication that he was at least contemplating playing against the Flames last night.

It now looks like a brilliant move after the Avalanche secured the victory over Calgary without the talents of Nathan MacKinnon. It still hasn’t been announced if he will play Thursday against the San Jose Sharks at Ball Arena, but I’d say this news is a good sign that he will. There is no need to press a possible injury when the playoffs are already in the bag. I, for one, am glad he decided to make the trip home and get a bit of a maintenance day.